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Life with 2 Kids


Happy New Year!  I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start.  I still can’t believe it’s 2019.  Where did 2018 go?!  Time is going twice as fast now that we have two little ones.  As evidenced by the blog, I literally have had ZERO time for anything “extra”.  Extra being anything outside of caring for the kids, work and keeping up with the house.  I have so many things I want to get done and caught up on – maybe this will be the year??  I feel like my resolutions are always the same each year – catch up on my scrapbooks, get the house completely organized, exercise more/eat better, spend less/save more – so here’s to keeping to those… again :).  I thought it would be fun to look back at the last (almost 8 months) with adjusting to life with 2 little ones and my observations.  It’s been an amazing, fun, wild ride!

  1. I over-worried about how Carter would adjust.  He was 2 years and 2 weeks old when Maddie arrived.  For weeks leading up to her birth, I was just worried nonstop about how he would adjust and deal with this life-changing event.  He was completely fine! Didn’t miss a beat. However, I’m convinced he grew up the two nights we were away at the hospital – the day we came home my heart broke into a million pieces when I saw what a big boy he is now.
  2. We are always changing a diaper.  Especially the first few weeks before we figured out the dairy intolerance with Maddie – ALWAYS changing diapers!!!  We attempted potty training for a month with Carter in the fall and it was just too stressful on all 3 of us – that’s on the goal list for the next few months now.
  3. We are a solid 10 minutes late to everything.  No matter how early we leave for our outing, we still end up 10 minutes late!  Another goal for 2019! ha.
  4. Hello, shortcuts!  Life shortcuts that is.  Prior to Maddie, I was recycling plastic, glass, cardboard and aluminum cans.  However, to recycle where we live, I had to drive to a center and drop everything off.  The center was only open certain hours and I ended up going on my lunch break.  It just became something that was more of a hassle than a help and had to go.  If our city ever offers a pick up service, I will gladly get back on the recycle bandwagon.  My new favorite thing ever is the grocery delivery service available through Publix/Instacart!  The items cost a little more per item in some cases and there’s a tip component (we pay for the unlimited “free” delivery option) but trying to get two babies to the grocery store and having room in the cart for anything – makes having the delivery service a gamechanger.  I try to order once every 7-10 days and I find that we basically buy the same things over and over so I can quickly just add my favorites to the list and it’s done!  I also spend less because I’m so much of an impulse shopper when I’m at the store it really cuts down on that temptation.  Another good thing is that you’re able to see what you actually need since you can shop from your own house and not guess at it at the store.  I’ve also ordered groceries when we’ve been en route coming back from trips and had the groceries at our house within minutes of getting home – you can’t beat that!  I’m also loving the new Target drive-up service.  I’ve only done it 2-3 times but it’s been so quick each time I’ve done it.  Again, it removes the shopping temptation, too.  I’ve also tried out the Wal-Mart pick up option.  The only downside to that for us is the location of the Wal-Mart that offers it.  It’s about a 45 minute round trip.  However, the prices are much lower than Publix so if I have a large shopping trip (like for Thanksgiving) it was worth it to go to Wal-Mart.
  5. Newfound upper body strength.  Ever tried to carry an empty car seat?  How about a car seat with baby in it?  Yes?  Well, how about that PLUS a 36 lb toddler.  Yep.  I’m getting some great arms from having two little ones!
  6. We never need to set an alarm clock.  Our son wakes like clockwork at 7am.  When he sleeps until 7:05 my husband and I look at each other like “what’s wrong?!”.  It’s ok, one day we will miss getting up at all hours with the kids, right?
  7. It’s hard but rewarding.  Having two so close together definitely isn’t easy.  Carter still needs us for most things but is learning so fast to be more independent and to have patience.  Maddie is growing and changing daily and her needs are changing just as quickly as well.  Adam and I make a great team and it’s hard when he’s out of town and I’m left to do activities out of the house, dinner, bath/bed time alone – you realize how much you need your partner in these moments!
  8. You have to make time for your partner.  Adam and I are so obsessed with the kids that we never do anything without them.  I can literally count how many times we have left them to go to dinner, etc. in the last 2.5 years (of course we leave for work but we aren’t together).  I know this isn’t healthy and we are working on it but we’d just rather be together as a family and hey, it’s working for us.  Plus, when we are without them we just talk about them non-stop anyway haha
  9. The love these two babies have for each other makes my heart explode.  Maddie is just smitten with her big brother.  Any and all attention he gives her just makes her light up.  He can be SO sweet with her – he walks by and kisses her or pats her head, wants to cuddle or hold her, is worried when she cries.  I pray they always have a special connection.

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