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My New Favorite Storage Containers

We made it halfway to the weekend, friends!  I’m out of town for my first work meeting since Maddie debuted and luckily, my mom was able to come with me so I didn’t have to leave her at home.  With nursing, it would be super stressful to think about if I had enough milk frozen to take care of her for the week and I would miss her!  I have crazy mom guilt for leaving Carter and miss him so much.  Naturally, my hotel room overlooks the Atlanta airport/runway and train tracks so he would have loved to watch everything out the big windows.  If you follow me on Instagram/stores or Facebook, I’ve been sharing some about the hotel and our trip.

Today, on the blog, I wanted to share one of my new favorites!!!  I discovered these storage containers from the Container Store through another blog and have found so many uses for them all over the house!  They are affordable, clear, versatile, lightweight yet durable.  I love that they come in a few different sizes, too.


One of the first areas I organized with them was my Scentsy stash under the island sink in the kitchen.


My stash did originally fit in these cute polka dot containers but as with everything, it outgrew the bin!  These also didn’t utilize the space very well either.


I took everything out of the cabinet and wiped it down.


Here’s an inventory of everything that was hiding in this cabinet…


I sorted the bars by what’s open (left), what’s new (middle) and related accessories (right).  I also had room to store my watering can on the far right as well.


For now, I haven’t labeled the bins but could easily do so.



The cabinet looks SO much better!  It only took a few minutes to transform it and it’s been easily maintained.

The next area I used the bins was in the craft closet.  If you’ve been following along, you’ve already seen them in use there as well.  They were perfect for sorting and storing the various cords, chargers and parts.


They fit nicely on the shelf and the handle makes them easy to pick up and slide back in place.  Since I use the bins up high, I used a larger font and label to be able to easily read it.


I’ve now used the bins in Maddie’s closet, play room, laundry room and craft room!  Come back soon to see how those rooms are shaping up!

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