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Carter’s Closet Tidy Up

Hello friends!  As I mentioned in another post, I have been in major clean-up / clean-out mode basically this year.  I think being pregnant earlier in the year kick-started the “nesting” feeling but it hasn’t gone away yet!

An area that was really bugging me was Carter’s closet!  We aren’t in his closet much – just to grab pajamas at this point (his clothes are downstairs in the master bedroom, for now) but the closet seemed to be becoming a catch all and I couldn’t handle it any longer!  One of my major problem areas was/is all the kid books that are slowly adding up around the house.  Let’s take a look…


He has a normal size reach-in closet in his bedroom.


When we moved in, we installed The Container Store Elfa closet system – LOVE it.


Here was Carter’s closet two years ago…


…and here’s what it had morphed into!  #sendhelp


It was such a cluttered up mess I had no clue what was even in there anymore.



I knew something had to change with the books – the books that are currently stored in his closet are ones that he’s not quite big enough for – i.e. not board books.  I didn’t want them easily accessed by him but I still wanted them to be easy to access if Adam and I were going to read one of them to him.  I didn’t want to stand the books up because they fall down through the wire slats on the shelves.

I took everything out of the closet and started sorting.  I grabbed an empty tote and stuck all the books in the closet in it for now – I knew I needed a solution before I could stick them back in the closet.


A lot of the items in the closet just needed to be moved to a new home – some items were baby items that I moved over to Maddie’s room, some items I put in the “donate” pile, some things were gifts I needed to move to the gift closet, etc.


Toys that Carter’s not quite ready for yet are stored at the top of the closet but I can easily see what’s up there.


I also have some extra bedding for his room that I don’t need quite yet that I stored at the very top of the closet.


So you can see below I was on the path of a MUCH better looking/organized closet!  I wasn’t ready for the books to go back yet at this point – I needed a trip to The Container Store – so they lived in the corner for a few weeks.



Fast forward a few weeks, I found the perfect solutions for my book dilemma at The Container Store!  They actually have shelf liners for the wire shelves!!!  It was like I could hear the angels singing when I found the liners!  They are pretty cheap so I stocked up – I bought enough to line Carter’s shelves and my craft closet.  They are exactly what I was looking for!

My second great find were the little arms you can see hanging down – I believe they’re actually used to keep folded clothing in nice stacks but I am using them as book ends!!! Genius! Now, the books won’t fall down through the shelves OR fall down (side to side)!


Here’s a close up of the shelf liner – you can also see the difference of it on the shelf and not on the shelf in the picture above.


This is exactly the solution I was looking for – don’t you love when that happens?


Here it is with the books all added back on the shelf – MUCH better!  I even had room on the other shelves to just lay out the puzzles I keep upstairs and he can easily grab them on his own.

It’s funny, I went to The Container store looking for book ends and was told they didn’t have anything like I was describing.  One trip down the aisle of Elfa accessories and I knew I had found the perfect item – even if it wasn’t what it was made for.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


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