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Craft Room Closet Overhaul – The Big Reveal

Thursday again!  Where is the time going?!  Yesterday was a bittersweet day around here – I returned to work after having 4 amazing months off on maternity leave.  I cherished every second with my 2 year old and 4 month old and we had so many fabulous adventures.  I think my husband was probably ready for me to go back to work – he said I would start re-organizing what I organized if I didn’t go back soon.  Which is totally not true – there’s still so many things I didn’t get to while I was off and that’s fine – my focus was 100% on the kids and this time together.  One of the things I did get done was my craft closet! Yay!  I seriously love this space now and it makes me so happy! If you’re just joining, catch up here, here and here.  It’s been a long process and overhaul but I am so glad I put the effort and energy into it!  I was able to combine things from so many different areas of the house to this one closet and I know that this is an area that will continue to evolve.  The Elfa system makes it easy to evolve, too.

Let’s take a look inside!  Grab a snack – there’s a lot of pictures.  As a reminder – this closet is in my craft room and I needed to be able to store extra craft supplies, old scrapbooks/yearbooks, family history scrapbooking (I currently have all of my grandmother’s pictures, newspaper articles, etc.), presents, wrapping paper, computer parts/cords,etc.  I had items in my office, basement, guest bedroom and craft room that I rounded up with the goal of fitting into this closet space.

I was able to utilize quite a few storage containers I already had and that were working for me in the closet.  These pink Iris brand containers I’ve had for 8-10 years.  I love that they stack together and are transparent.  I use them to store long term paper memorabilia from school/college/competitive dance/dance team/etc. and have them divided into those categories.  I did go through and purge them quite a bit during this process.  Since I rarely access them, they are stored at the top of the closet.


My process was to work my way from the top down.  I knew quite a few of the items I needed to store in this space I don’t need to access often so I was able to just store them however they would best fit along the top 2 shelves.

The 3 pink bins and albums to the right are all parts of my Grandmother’s heritage scrapbooks we have been working on for a few years.  I could condense these so that they don’t take up so much space but since I have the space to store them as is I left them in their current bins.


I don’t reach for a new album too often but I keep them on hand so that I have them when I do need them.  These are my go to albums for scrapbooking.



I wanted to leave the shelves behind the door for gifts.  I’m someone that buys gifts year round – especially for my kids – so I wanted an out of sight spot to store them.


Ok – can we just pause and take in these amazing bins I am in love with?!  I don’t know what I did prior to these bins because I have seriously been using them ALL over my house for about 6-8 months now.  They are the multi-purpose bins from The Container Store.  They come in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL) and work EVERYWHERE!  I will do another post on all the places I’ve utilized them.  They’re lightweight yet extremely durable.  I love that they have a handle on each side, love that they’re clear and love the size options.  Love, love, love!


I knew the bins would be perfect for what I was about to tackle.  We had random computer parts ALL over the house.  I found all the baskets, totes and bins with computer items and electronic cords and dumped it all in the craft room.  I enlisted my techy husband to help me sort everything into categories and then we were left with one big trash pile!


Getting all the “like” items in one place has been my goal for the year.  We often buy things we don’t need because we can’t find it or don’t think we have anymore.  Getting through this mountain of electronics was AMAZING.  Throwing away the trash pile was even better!


We were left with just a handful of bins/containers that needed labeled and stuck back in the closet.






The bins were perfect for the job and look great in the closet.  Of course, the labels are the finishing touch.  Since getting all this sorted and put away, we’ve gone to the containers several times to easily find a cord or USB.




So after some more purging, categorizing, organizing and labeling – I was done!  I can’t even believe how much is in this closet and that I have room should I want/need to add more!!!




The back wall has my file boxes of items that “need to be scrapbooked” – yeah, I’m quite behind but that’s a post for another day!  But, that being said, I love that these boxes are easy to get to so I can pop items in them that I want to make sure to include in our family scrapbooks.


I’ve previously shared how I keep a handle on all the paper memorabilia by using this filing system.  If you’re interested, you can read about it here.


These are the hanging file boxes I like to use – they’re also from The Container Store.


I left the back of the door system as it was – I have gift bags at the top and rolls at the bottom.  I keep my Christmas paper in a gift wrap container behind the door.  I like keeping Christmas paper all together and when I’m ready to wrap, just pull out the one container that keeps the rolls nice and neat.



This is the wall shelving behind the door.  Again, I saved this area for gifts.  I used several of the 66 quart Sterlite containers to separate the gifts (gifts for Maddie, for Carter, etc.) but then left one whole shelf containerless because the items fit better that way.  I pick up things throughout the year for the kids and keep a bin to hold items to donate to toy drives come Christmas.  Shopping throughout the year spreads out the gift cost so it doesn’t all hit at once!  Prime Day is one of my favorite times to stock up.





Now, turning attention to the wall as soon as you come in on the left (across from the gift wall), I have bins that I access more frequently.  Our Michaels just went out of business so I stocked up on kid crafts while they were 70% off.  Carter isn’t too into crafting/drawing/coloring yet but I’m hoping that will change as he gets older.


I also have a bin for all the “educational” activity books I’ve been picking up for the kids – dry erase alphabet books, etc.



I love that with the Elfa shelving, you can really customize your space to fit your needs.  I wanted to keep my deco mesh upright in this bin in the corner.  I just popped out the shelf that was in the way and it fit perfectly!  Now I can easily see which colors I have and the mesh is in the corner, out of the way.


I used another type of bin from The Container Store to corral all the various office products we had around the house – labels, resume paper, file folders, etc.


This was my first time purchasing the Elfa drawers.  They added quite a bit of cost to the project but I really thought I’d be able to utilize them in this space.  I did 6 of the deep drawers in the bottom and then 4 shallow drawers at the top.  I filled up the deep drawers in no time but am still trying to decide how best to utilize the shallow ones.


In two of the big drawers, I keep my Cricut Vinyl and Iron-on materials.  I like using the dividers to separate the rolls that are already open from the new ones to keep from opening two of the same color at the same time.



For now, I’m housing extra Project Life page protectors and dividers in one of the shallow drawers.


In another deep drawer, I have various scraps of wrapping paper.  I hate to toss the bigger pieces and can usually find a piece in this drawer that will work for a gift.


One of two empty shallow drawers – they slide great on the tracks, even when fully loaded.


I turned one side of the drawers into a wrapping station (for now).  Under the empty shallow drawer, another one holds gift tags and extra tape.


Below that, tissue paper in every color you can imagine!


Followed by two drawers of ribbon galore!


So, there we have it!  I couldn’t be happier with how the space turned out and it’s been so functional for us which was the main thing I was going after.  There’s zero wasted space in there and even room to grow.

Let’s check out a before and after:

Thanks for following along!  Come back and see what I tackle next!

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6 thoughts on “Craft Room Closet Overhaul – The Big Reveal

  1. This is awesome! Wow. So excited to see the paper drawers, the rolls behind the doors, the clear tubs with labels. The shelving. All of it! We are currently going through our cupboards after 12 years of babies and it is so cathartic! I’m very encouraged by this post! (Can’t you tell, I’ve used so many exclamation marks! Haha). Enjoy crafting. Lots of love L


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