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Craft Room Closet Overhaul – Phase III

Welcome back!  I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  It seems impossible we are already welcoming September and pulling out the fall decor.  Before we know it, we will be wrapping presents and decking the halls.  I think time goes twice as fast once you have kids, too.

We spent the long weekend in Michigan at my in-laws.  They hosted a family reunion and there were 40+ people at their house with 17 under the age of 10!  It was a fun weekend but always good to get back home and back to our routine.

I’m getting closer and closer to wrapping up my craft closet overhaul – always a bigger project than what you think it will be!  Thanks for the positive comments along the way!  If you’re just joining in, catch up here and here.  Let’s jump in – here’s what happened after the paint dried!

I love the shade of pink it dried to – such a calm color.


It took us a few hours on a Friday evening but we got the Elfa system from The Container Store completely installed!


It was like putting together a puzzle because I had already designed the system online and knew where each shelf/drawer was going to go.  I did enlist the help of Adam for this part to help get the main track at the top that everything hangs from into the studs.  That’s my biggest complaint with the Elfa system – the top track comes with holes that you’re supposed to use dry wall screws on to attach but it has never lined up so that it aligns with the studs.  We use a stud finder and mark the studs on the metal track and then make new holes to ensure the track is secured without a doubt in the studs.

Once installed, I stood there in awe for a solid 5 minutes.  The white just pops against the pink and there wasn’t an inch of wasted space in the closet.  Love having the ability to move around the shelves/drawers as needed to accommodate different size boxes, etc. as well.






This is my first time using the drawer system in a closet.  I thought I would utilize the shallow drawers more but so far I haven’t found a real use for them.  I do have some more sorting and organizing to do though.  I love the deep drawers – they fit my Cricut vinyl rolls perfectly.  I also purchased the dividers to help keep the drawers organized.  They pop in easily and you can use them anywhere in the drawer – doesn’t have to be the center.  The drawers slide seamlessly on the tracks.



I left a space behind the door for my gift wrap container to fit and kept the wrapping station on the back of the door.


Next, comes the fun part – getting everything that was drug out into my craft room + the contents of my prior guest room into the closet!  Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

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