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Craft Room Closet Overhaul – Phase II

Hello, hello!  When we signed off on the last post, we had checked out what lurks behind this door in my craft closet:


Yes, it was bad! So much wasted space, too.


I pulled everything out into my scrapbook room to sort, purge and organize.


Meanwhile, my Elfa system from The Container Store had slowly started arriving.  I was getting more and more excited with each box that was delivered!  These boxes were HEAVY!


Then, it was time to get down to business taking down the annoying white wire shelving that was already in the closet.


Yep, here my baby girl bump and I are getting busy with our power tools.


It all was pretty easy to take down except for these pesky pieces that were deep in the wall and there were a TON of them.  I had to call in the big muscles to get some of them out.




And you guessed it… they left massive holes in the closet!


I did a little youtubing and learned the proper was to spackle and added that to my project list.  There was no way around it – even if it is just a closet – there were so many holes and if I was going through all this effort I wasn’t taking short cuts!



After spackling and sanding 3 walls, my arms were sore!  And I was tired.  And getting more and more pregnant by the day!  And had a room full of stuff that had been dumped out of this closet and another room full of Elfa boxes waiting to be installed.

Next up, taping off the trim and ceiling to get ready for painting.


My goal was to pick a paint color that I could also use in the nursery.  I was looking for the lightest shade of pink that Sherwin Williams carried and thought it would be a good way to test out the color before committing to it for Maddie’s room and bathroom.  Why are there sooo many shades of pink?!  I had this same dilemma when picking wedding colors 5+ years ago.  I went with the lightest shade they had – Lighthearted Pink.


At the advice of the store manager at Sherwin Williams, I went with the Ovation Paint & Primer Interior Flat paint.



It is a beautiful shade of pink but I knew right away it was going to be too pink for my vision in the nursery but I thought it would be fine for the closet.


My painting strategy was to do the tricky parts first – along the ceiling and baseboard and the corners.  It literally took me a whole day to paint a walk in closet!!!  Never again.  I was so sore by the end.


It’s funny how paint can look so different at various times in the day.  In the natural, day time light, it’s a soft pink.


By evening, and when all the walls were done, it took on a much more bubblegum pink shade.  Regardless, I like the color for this area and there won’t be that much that shows once the shelves and bins are back in the closet.


Getting closer and closer to finished!  I’ll be back soon with the next phase of the project!

Thanks for stopping by!

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