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Craft Room Closet Overhaul – Phase I

Hey friends!  This is another post I’ve been meaning to finish and share for 3+ months… I tackled a big project right before Maddie was born and just haven’t had a chance to circle back around and post about it!  So, today is the day.  I think I’m going to end up breaking this up into a few posts because it will be really long and picture overload otherwise!

As you can tell, one of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking and crafting in general.  I’m lucky to have a large craft room in our new house and it has a great walk-in closet.  Unfortunately, the closet was becoming a catch-all and the space wasn’t utilized to its fullest potential.  I also needed to empty out the massive walk-in closet in Maddie’s nursery since I needed to make room for her things in it.  I previously stored books in the chest in the guest bedroom and gifts in the dresser so those items needed new homes as well.  So, let’s get to it…  The closet lurks behind this closed door –>


Brace yourself… let’s go inside


See how much wasted space there is?  I needed more shelving to use the vertical space.  I added the shelf on the left that I had in my craft closet in our prior room and it was holding a ton of items but it was also RIGHT in your face when you opened the door.


It was becoming such a catch-all that the floor was filling up fast to where it was getting harder and harder to even get in the closet!  It’s so easy to let things just pile up when they are behind closed doors – please tell me I’m not alone on that!

This is the space to the right of the door – another shelf that was working for me in the other craft room and temporarily here but not ideal for long term.  I had a lot of family history photographs in these shelves/bins.  There were also some more built in wire shelves behind the door.


Now let’s check out what was lurking behind the door – my stack of Iris containers that I love for long-term paper/memorabilia storage and gift wrap items along with some wreath forms.


Up high on the shelves behind the door, I attempted to store all the random electronics and computer parts I came across as we unpacked the house and some of my husband’s office supplies since he works from home about half of the time.


On the back of the door, I have one of the Elfa Door & Wall Racks.  I also use this system in our pantry.  It wasn’t too out of control but I don’t usually use gift bags so it needed purged to ones I may actually use.


Here’s a better look at the shelf to the left.  This was holding a lot of general craft supplies, memorabilia, misc. pictures, extra scrapbooking supplies, etc.


I knew I wanted to install an Elfa system (similar to what I did in Carter’s closet but without the hanging of course).  Unfortunately, the closest Container Store is 2 hours away – either Nashville or Atlanta.  I could have designed the system online but I knew it would be quicker to do so in person.  My mom, Carter and I were in Atlanta one day shopping for nursery furniture and we made a stop by The Container Store to design and order the supplies for the craft closet.  I got lucky and there wasn’t a wait to work with one of their design staff.  My mom and I had all the measurements with us and got to work making sure the design was going to utilize every possible inch of the 3 walls.  I also timed it so that I ordered everything while the Elfa pieces were on sale.  We also saved more money by installing the system ourselves.  It felt like Christmas knowing the pieces were going to be mailed to our house!  Another tip I’ve stuck with is to order all standard size pieces – you have the option to get shelves cut to size for your space but for me, I wanted the flexibility to use the pieces (drawer/shelves/hanging rods) in other Elfa spaces in our house.  So far, for my areas it’s worked out to use either 24″, 36″ or 48″ shelves.  So for example, if I decide I want to use drawers in Carter’s closet and I don’t need them in the craft closet, I can simply take them out and pop them in his tracks.  If I had the shelves in Carter’s closet cut to a custom size the drawers wouldn’t work in it.        IMG_8368

Next up, was to empty and purge the closet and take down the existing wire shelving.




So, with everything pulled out into the craft room I knew it had to get worse before it got better!



When we moved in to the house, I was 8.5 months pregnant with Carter and lots of things just got stuck places without being gone through.  Again, I found myself 8 months pregnant attempting this project!  But, I took the time to go through each box and purge, purge, purge!  I also had quite a bit of things I passed on to others or donated.

I think I’ll press pause here since this is already quite lengthy and I’ll be back next week with the next phase of the project!

What’s an area you need to overhaul?!

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