Fun Things Bought for Baby

Comically, I started this post 4 days before I had Maddie.  If you follow my blog then you know she debuted two weeks early – so I have several posts that I started and didn’t get a chance to finish!  Now, Maddie just turned 3 months old and I’m almost back into a routine with life!  All that being said, this is a post I still want to share so here it is — hope it gives you some ideas of some of the baby items on the market right now!  There’s never a shortage.  

I didn’t need to buy many things for our new little one, but some things I just couldn’t pass up.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the items I’ve purchased lately for our soon to be little girl.

Image result for Swim School Sunshade Fabric BabyBoat in Pink by Aqua Leisure

I know we will be spending a lot of time in the pool (once she’s a little bigger), so I bought this float when they were on sale.  It’s the Swim School Sunshade Fabric BabyBoat in Pink by Aqua Leisure.  We had a similar one in blue for Carter when he was a little guy and I liked that it had such a good sunshade and it didn’t fade, show use.


As I worked on her closet, I decided I wanted matching pink velvet hangers and found these on Amazon.  They are baby sized vs child so I hope I’m able to use them a while.  They are smaller than the ones I have for Carter that are the standard children size hanger but they were too big to use on his baby clothes.

Image result for Baby Burp Cloth Large 21''x10'' Size Premium Absorbent Triple Layer 3 Pack Gift Set For Girls “Bloom Set” by Copper Pearl

I was looking for some “pretty” burp cloths in shades of pinks and came across this set by Copper Pearl.  As soon as they came in, I knew I would love them.  They’re super soft, excellent quality, beautiful and big but not too big.  They’re so nice I added them to a baby gift for my sister-in-law and also bought a swaddle.

The swaddle blanket was used so much at the hospital and I used it in her newborn pictures as well.  I’ve already purchased a second one.

Image result for Waterproof Cotton Quilted Pack n Play Mattress Cover | Mini Crib Mattress Cover | All in one Mattress Pad Cover and Cozy Pack n Play Sheet Hypoallergenic, Cream by Ely's & Co

We used the Pack N Play more than I thought we would with Carter and my biggest complaint with it is the lack of cushioning/mattress.  I did find sheets specifically for it recently and have started adding a fleece blanket in between two sheets to add a little cushion but then I also ordered the Waterproof Cotton Quilted Pack N Play Mattress Cover on Amazon to try out as well.

Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib, Watercolor, 6-24 Months

I came across these colorful waterproof sleeved bibs and knew I had to try it.  What a great idea for keeping sleeves food free!  Plus, how fun are the colors in this one?!

Philips Avent Soothie Shape, 0-3 months, pink/purple, 2 pack, SCF194/02Wubbanub Infant Pacifier - Baby Bunny

We’ve been lucky that Maddie took a paci right away and hasn’t had issues with using them and still being able to nurse with no problems.  I bought her the same pacis we use with Carter – the Avent Soothie pacifiers and the Wubanubs.  I got Maddie these cute bear shaped ones as well as some girlie Wubanubs.

Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush, Pink and White, Infant

This was a favorite teether of Carter’s so I couldn’t resist purchasing another one (in pink!).  It’s the Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush.

Skip Hop Grab-and-Go Round Trip Travel Mat, Grey Zig Zag

As I’ve mentioned, we spend a lot of time on the go and in airports so I thought this Skip Hop Grab-and-Go Round Trip Travel Mat was a neat idea.  It also folds up really small into a pouch.  This would be good for out in the yard as well.

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set

I came across the Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set on Amazon and was instantly intrigued.  It’s an all-in-one system.  You can pump into the bags, freeze the bag and even store the frozen bags in the rack it comes with, heat the milk with the warmer it comes with and then pop the bag into a bottle adapter. There’s numerous attachments to make the system work for you – for us, we will use the adapter for the Dr. Brown bottle nipples since we’ve got them left over from Carter.  I’ve found that I prefer to still pump into bottles and transfer to the bags once I have 6 ounces.  I think it’s easier to get an accurate measurement that way.  If I weren’t tracking how much I pump each session it would be fine to pump straight into the bags.

Kitty Classic Critter Boppy® Nursing & Infant Support Pillow & Slipcover

I already had a boppy from my first pregnancy so I wanted a new cover to freshen it up.  I fell in love the second I saw this one – Kitty Classic Critter Boppy Cover from Pottery Barn Kids.  It’s super plush and adorable.

Mini Preppy Icon Tote Ballerinas

I purchased this Ballerina Tote (also from Pottery Barn Kids) and had Maddie’s name monogrammed on it.  I ended up using this bag for her hospital bag.   Side note – I didn’t have Pottery Barn do the monogram – I didn’t like where their placement of the name would be so I took it to a local monogram shop where I live and it turned out great.

I couldn’t resist getting the Ballerina Beach Towel to match her other items.  I also got her name monogrammed on it.

Bunny Plush Play Mat

I fell in love with the bunny line at Pottery Barn Kids and thought this Bunny Plush Play Mat was a fun addition to her room.  She already loves to lay on it and rub the soft faux fur.

Soothing Sounds Bunny On-The-Go

Another Pottery Barn Kids bunny purchase was the Soothing Sounds Bunny.  Carter has the “Sleep Sheep” and has enjoyed it from the start so I was planning to get another one for Maddie.  Once I saw the bunny version of it it was coming home with me.

I know there’s other things I’ve bought that I’m forgetting but these are the things that come to mind.  I also got a new diaper backpack that I’m loving.  I previously shared the diaper bag I used for Carter and you can check out what I hauled around and how I organized that bag here if you’re curious.  I’ll share my new bag and what I carry for a toddler and newborn soon.  Let me know in the comments below if there’s any other topics you’d like me to post about.

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