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Carter is Two-riffic!

Happy Thursday, friends!  I hope your week has gone well.  Mine has been a little hectic.  Adam was out of town unexpectedly for 2 nights and it was my first time being home alone overnight with both kids.  Carter still isn’t a great sleeper and most nights wakes up crying 2-3 times.  Maddie is also up 2-3 times to nurse so not much sleep happened this week!  To top it off,  Carter came down with a virus and Maddie got a shot so neither kid has felt great.  I picked up a cold along the way as well.  Ah, motherhood.

I realized I haven’t shared pictures from Carter’s 2 year photo shoot nor his party so that’s what this and the next post will be about.  We did his 2 year pictures at the house and featured his big gift from us since luckily it was built in time!  We got him (and Maddie) a cool swingset/playground for the yard.  I did a ton of research and ultimately went with this one from Sams.  Can you believe it was on sale and free delivery?!  I know he and others will enjoy this for years.  I originally was going to get a swing set that would fit inside the pool fence but it was really making the options limited.  We have a nice size side yard so that’s where we decided to put it.

Here’s some photos from his 2 year pictures with the talented Brittany Mowery


I was very pregnant with Maddie!
I love how she captured his sweetness and endless energy
This boy loves his airplanes


Oh, my heart.  How did he grow up so much in one year? 


Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful night!

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