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Baby Headband Organization

Good Evening!  This is a fun post to put together and it was a fun organizing solution to inspire it.  Now that we have a baby girl, we are starting to accumulate all the fun girlie accessories that come with them!  When we leave the house, I usually add a headband to finish off her outfit and the headbands were becoming more and more of a mess to sort through.

I looked at Pinterest and Etsy to get some ideas but then it hit me – what I thought would be the perfect solution for now.  I’ve used this same organizing tool in my closet for belts and scarves for years and thought it would work great for headbands, too.  I looked locally for the loop holder at Target and Wal-Mart and ultimately ordered this one from Amazon.


Here’s what I was dealing with…


Within a few minutes, I had added them (in color order, of course) to the ring and hooked it to the side of my baby station in our master bedroom.


Now, not only are the headbands easily accessible and quickly found – they’re pretty to look at!  Plus, I have room to add more (much to my husband’s dismay).


Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful week!

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