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Maddie’s Nursery Part I

Hello, all!  I thought it would be fun to share the journey of transforming Maddie’s room from a guest room to my dream nursery.  Even though Maddie won’t be sleeping in her room for a few months (she has a bassinet in our room), it was really important to me to have her room completely done before she was born for several reasons.  One, I’m Type A all the way and wanted it done.  Two, I knew I wouldn’t be as mobile after the C-section to go up and down stairs/shop/etc.  Three, there would be NO time to get it finished once I had a newborn and toddler.  Four, I wanted to take newborn pictures in her room.  So, all that being said, I had roughly 5 months to get it done (from once we found out the gender).

She arguably has one of the best rooms in the house – ironically, it’s also the room that the previous homeowner’s daughter had.  The room is massive, has amazing windows, an en suite bathroom and HUGE walk-in closet.  What’s not to love?!  All along I said if we had another boy I would move Carter to the big room and put the new boy in Carter’s room and if it was a girl – she would start out in the bigger room BUT I also wanted to be able to utilize the room for guests, too.

Let’s start our transformation journey with how we had the room established as a guest room:









We just had the room and bathroom painted when we moved in less than 2 years ago but I knew I wouldn’t be happy leaving it this color — even though it’s my go to paint color (Nomadic Dessert by Sherwin Williams).

It was also time to say goodbye to my beloved bedroom furniture.  I got this queen bedroom set my first year of college for my first apartment and it’s held up beautifully through SO many moves over the last 14 years!  I listed it on Craigslist and several local Facebook groups and  the messages I received from Craigslist were insane!  I wasn’t aware of all the scams that are out there now but quickly caught on.  I was about to pull my listing when I finally got a legit message from a local couple that was interested.  They came to see the furniture and it was sold!

Next up, my mom and I (and Carter) took a trip to Atlanta to check out some furniture options at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.  I’ll share more nursery progress in my next post.  Thanks for stopping by!

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