Baby Girl Hospital Bag


Hello!  I thought I would share what all I packed in Maddie’s hospital bag and then I’ll do another post on what I packed for myself.  It was pretty similar to this post about what I packed for my first C-section, but I will share again soon what I brought for my second C-section as well.

With my first trip to the hospital to have Carter, I didn’t take anything for Carter other than his coming home outfit.  My mom ended up bringing things for him with each trip that she made to the hospital so I knew I wanted to have more for the baby upfront this go round.  Plus, I was so excited to pack everything pink and girlie for our little Maddie!

I ordered the ballerina tote online and it became the perfect hospital bag for her things.  I ordered the bag from Pottery Barn Kids but took it to a local shop to have it monogrammed.  The option for monogramming through PB puts it down in the center of the bag and I didn’t like the way it looked going across the ballerinas.


I wanted a special coming home outfit for Maddie but couldn’t find anything that I just loved.  I thought I wanted an outfit like Carter wore home – super soft sleeper with monogram – but when I got it in, it just didn’t feel “right” for her like Carter’s did for him.  I do love the sleeper but I am not crazy about how her monogram came out.  I do highly recommend the Etsy shop this is from though.


I kept searching online and then in store for the perfect coming home outfit.  I didn’t want something over the top – I was looking for something pink, comfortable and practical but still “special” and sweet.  After exhausting all the options, my mom and I went to a children’s boutique in downtown Chattanooga and I found SO many things I loved!  I ended up selecting this sweet light pink dress with lace/eyelet trim.  It’s made by Kissy Kissy.


We used the dress again the following week for her newborn pictures

Another must have item – my favorite nursing pillow.  It’s the My Brest Friend pillow and perfect to assist with nursing comfortably – especially if you’re having a C-section because you can help keep the baby up off the incision and have additional support.  It basically makes a shelf to lay the baby on.  I loved it so much with Carter that I bought 2 so I wasn’t having to carry one all over the house with me.  I also have purchased some back up covers in case one gets soiled and I need to change it in a hurry.


Another must have item for us was pacifiers.  Since each baby is different, I didn’t know if Maddie would take one or not, but I wanted to have them with me in case.  We love the WubbaNub pacis and also the soothies.


I wanted a cute hat for her to have pictures in right after she was born vs the standard pink/blue one the hospital gives all babies.  I searched Amazon and Etsy and came across this one and it was perfect for what I was looking for.


I packed 4 gowns  – the blue one I also had a matching gown for me as well.  Link to the Ballerina one.  White gown was a gift – can’t find link for it.  Monogrammed gown is made my Mud Pie.  I ended up using 2 out of the 4 gowns.


The hat ended up matching the gown pretty well!  I was happy with how the outfit turned out.

I packed a sleeper and one other onesie type of outfit.  We used the sleeper for her newborn hospital pictures and they turned out adorable.

The sleeper matches the ballerina gown and I also have the blanket and burp cloth as well.  I love anything related to ballet for baby girl!





I packed 3 pair of shoes for her to come home in – she was so tiny none fit!  We tried the two on the left since they were smaller but they still swallowed her.  They actually still don’t stay on – and she’s 5.5 weeks now.


I packed 3 baby blankets – my general rule of thumb (for us) is that I get a clean blanket for baby each day.  Sometimes more depending on what all goes down that day!  The rose bud blanket has quickly become a favorite – it’s a great size, lightweight, super soft and beautiful!  It’s this one.  The striped blanket and leopard rose print blanket came together in a Mud Pie set.


Another item I was glad to have was this nursing cover by Itzy Ritzy.  The first day, I had so many tubes and machines hooked to me I couldn’t get the gown off to change clothes but I was able to get the nursing cover on and be more comfortable and covered.  This cover can also be used to cover the car seat and will work as a high chair cover/buggy cover.  I keep it in my diaper bag now.



Of course I had to pack some bows to accessorize with!


I also had this set from Etsy and she wore the light pink one home with her dress.

As mentioned, I also had the matching ballerina burp cloth and blanket from Little Me.


I also packed the matching newborn hats that came with the gowns and sleeper but did not end up using any of them.


The only other items I packed for Maddie were Johnson and Johnson Nighttime Lotion and Baby Magic Shower Gel and Lotion.

I was very happy with the items I had on hand for baby and ended up using almost everything I packed.  We live less than 5 miles from the hospital so if I had needed more or forgot something, it wasn’t a big deal to have someone get it from home.  Luckily, I had packed everything in advance for Maddie and the bag was ready to grab and head out the door with when it was go time!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope this gives you some ideas for your own hospital bag packing!

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