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Baby Watch 2018


Good evening and happy Friday!  I’ve been meaning to pop on here and do an update on baby #2 and her soon to be debut but MAN it’s been a busy/wild few weeks!  I am 37 weeks today with a scheduled C-section just 18 short days from now.  If I make it to the 22nd, I will be amazed but that’s definitely the plan.  All along my goal was to make it through Carter’s 2nd birthday party without baby debuting or something happening that would keep me away from his special day – thankfully, we got past that!

The baby’s and my hospital bags are packed and we are pre-registered at the hospital.  I looked back on my post about what I packed the first pregnancy to see what to bring this time!  I will do an updated post after this baby and see if I have any new recommendations for the hospital bag.  We have Carter covered should something happen early and a plan for when the 22 does arrive.  That’s probably one of the most scary parts for me – leaving Carter while I’m at the hospital.  Even though the hospital is literally 5 miles from our house, he’s only been put to bed once by someone other than Adam and me (my mom) in his 2 years!  I know he will be fine but this mama can’t help but worry.  I do have some “big brother” gifts wrapped and ready to bring to the hospital to have on hand when he meets Baby Sister and comes to visit in the following days.  I also have some other little activity type gifts for him for the days after we get home and he needs a little extra attention.

I take bump shots every 2 weeks – my little helper has caught on and likes to participate!  This was 36 weeks.
28 weeks – photo bomber – I’ll let him crash anytime he wants if it’s to give me a kiss!
Carter likes to pat Baby Sister – I have to be fast to catch him in the moment!

The nursery is ready to go – even though she won’t be sleeping in it for a few months – it’s still one of those big items that had to be checked off the list!  I will definitely be sharing more in the coming weeks about her beautiful little room.  I have one last project I’d like to get done in her room but it’s not looking like that will happen before my due date.  For her first few months, she will sleep in the Halo Bassinest in our room.  I already have her clothes washed and ready to go up to 3-6 months.  I moved everything to our room so I won’t have to go up and down the stairs a million times a day.  That’s worked great with Carter’s things so should be the same with her.  Her room will still double as a guest room until she’s sleeping in it so that will work out nicely as well.

We did maternity pics last weekend – I did not intend to be 36 weeks pregnant for them and was terrified how they would turn out THIS pregnant but our photographer is some type of wizard and I love the preview shots she sent me the day after.  I can’t wait to see the rest.  It was a beautiful evening and the colors were just gorgeous.  The pictures just scream “spring”.




Overall, I’ve been blessed with a healthy pregnancy.  By far, the biggest issue has been my SI joint.  I’ve had 2 episodes where my back has gone completely out – twice around Easter.  Both times were completely terrifying and gave me total panic/fear that I would be like that the rest of the pregnancy.  Adam literally had to move my feet forward for me in order for me to get from the bed to the bathroom, etc.  I started PT several months ago and still had that happen even with going to therapy.  I’ve been going consistently since and haven’t had the major flare ups again, thankfully.  At this point my therapist has been able to help me maintain the pain and it hasn’t increased.  I’m not even able to take Tylenol – basically the only pain reliever available during pregnancy due to some issues I was having with my liver earlier in the pregnancy.  I am praying that I have a lot of relief once Baby Girl debuts.  I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone!

We did a 3D Ultrasound in early March but she wasn’t very cooperative so we couldn’t get that many detailed pics.  She sure does look sweet though and a lot like big brother!


I plan to also share a post with some of the new baby items I picked up this round and also some of the sweet gifts we were blessed with for our little one.  My in-laws surprised us with a cute ‘sprinkle’ and it was fun to celebrate Baby Girl and everything pink!  It’s amazing how little you actually need with a second baby and you realize what products you like and rely on as well.

We took a “babymoon” to Charleston, SC a few weeks ago with my in-laws. It was a great trip but I probably overdid it with the walking.  It was actually the weekend before my back went out the first time.  I’d like to do a trip recap and share what all we covered on our weekend trip there as well.

I’ve been hit with several rounds of the “nesting” bug which has been ok with me!  I have SO many projects I need to share but just haven’t had the time.  I’d love to be able to put together some posts while I’m on maternity leave but we will have to see how Baby Girl feels about that plan!

We have a new nanny in place that’s willing to work with our schedule of part time while I’m on leave and then go to full time once I go back to work in a few months.  I’m undecided how long I will take off.  I took only 8 weeks with Carter and that was awful going back so soon.  I was nursing/pumping full time, still sore from the C-section and just upset in general about leaving my sweet baby.

I think that pretty much captures the baby revelations of late – now we are all just playing the waiting game!  Thanks for stopping by!

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