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Master Bath Organization Overhaul

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Happy Sunday!  I want to start out by saying a huge THANK YOU to A Bowl Full of Lemons for featuring my post on Scrapbook Rooms Through the Years on her blog as the “Organized Space of the Month” – that was such an unexpected and fun surprise last week! I’ve followed her blog and organization tips for years so that was just a really cool experience. 🙂

As I inch closer and closer to my due date, the nesting drive is still on overdrive.  On top of that, it’s hard to believe we’ve lived in our house for almost two years.  That’s given me time to figure out what’s working and what’s not in terms of organizing systems I have in place and where things are stored.  One of the areas I kept finding myself frustrated with was our master bathroom.  We are lucky to have wonderful storage in there but I knew I wasn’t utilizing it to the fullest potential.  There was also a lot of just random stuff that needed to be removed/tossed/donated.  I previously shared a post about organizing my travel bath items and that’s still working out beautifully.  I didn’t change or do anything different with that drawer.  You can read about that little organizing project here.

So, let’s dive in and start from the beginning.

Here’s how the bathroom looked after we closed on the house and had it repainted.  For those that are curious, this paint is Nomadic Dessert from Sherwin Williams.  It’s my go to paint for 80% of the houses we’ve lived in.  The shade works with everything.





The only big change I made, after painting, was to have a cabinet built that matched the rest of the cabinetry to install in the commode room for extra storage.  Fun fact… we actually have the trim pieces still to install across the top but they’ve remained in the garage for the last ~12 months or so.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, this is what my side of the bathroom looked like…


It wasn’t terrible but I couldn’t stand having stuff all over the counter.  Ironically, it was mostly bath bombs.. #bathbombaddict.  Plus, that canvas?  Sat there waiting to be hung for weeks.. or months even?

So first things first – I finally trudged down to the basement and got a hammer, nail and tape measure and hung up the canvas!  Something so little I had been putting off forever that took hardly any time to handle.  Isn’t that the way it always is?

IMG_8543Next, I put away the stuff that didn’t belong in the bathroom and just needed “dealt” with.  Then, I noticed a trend of having bath bombs everywhere – on the counter, in the cabinet, in the drawer, on my nightstand.  I gathered them up from all locations and used the clear tub on the counter to hold them temporarily.   Yes, I love a good bath bomb!  If you’re curious, my absolute favorite are the ones that Scentsy make.  They are so creamy and fragrant and don’t leave a ring around the tub.  I break mine apart so that I can use them for 3-4 baths.  You can order them here.


As I turned my attention to the cabinets and drawers, I grabbed an empty box to toss anything that could be donated and a trash bag for anything else that needed to go.


Some drawers weren’t bad at all and just needed emptied out and wiped down.  The top drawer on my side of the bathroom has an outlet which is perfect for storing my everyday curling iron and hair dryer.  I love that I can just toss them back in this drawer and get them off the counter.  I’m secretly waiting for the day that my hair dryer dies so I can get one with a retractable cord!!

You’ll see a lot of the clear containers throughout my bathroom – these are by far my favorite organizing containers ever!  I love that they come in a variety of sizes, too.  I keep my toothbrush/paste/contact case/glasses in the top drawer since they’re used the most often.


The next drawer down houses my most used non-makeup items.  This drawer had become a mini catch all so after some sorting and purging it was back in shape.



My two lotions I use every night are in the front, my everyday products are in the clear bin and in the back of the drawer, sun products and some ointments that rarely get used.


The last drawer was just completely out of control.  Since it was such a mess, I found myself just throwing odds and ends in it knowing I would deal with it eventually.  I removed all the bath bomb related items and was left with a bunch of pregnancy tests that I finally parted with and nursing related items from about a year and a half ago.  After I got everything out, I wiped it down and started with a clean slate.

Before: DSC_0009



This drawer is now Carter/baby related.  There’s some travel baby items and towels for Carter for when he showers downstairs and some left over nursing related items that I decided to go ahead and leave in here since they may be used again in the coming months.


Once the drawers were back together, I turned my attention to the tall cabinet.  I felt like there was so much wasted space in the shelving section.  The shelves are pretty far apart and I mostly have smaller beauty items in here.  I’m thinking about eventually moving our first aid supplies from the kitchen to this cabinet.  The baskets on the top store extra q-tips, cotton rounds, tooth brushes/paste/floss/etc. These are working for us so I left them as is.

Next shelf houses our towels and misc. beauty/bath supplies for me.

The bottom shelf has hair styling products, jewelry cleaners, wash cloths, hand towels and other odds and ends.  Note that the bottom two shelves had bath bombs hiding out.



So much less jumbled!  I got all the like items together and threw away some packaging that was just taking up a lot of room.  Now, I can easily find whatever I’m looking for and it’s much nicer to open the door to this view than the one before.


I do love these hinged containers, too.  I originally bought these at Bed Bath and Beyond but you can find them on Amazon, too.  They are a great size and stack perfectly.  Love that the lid and everything is clear so you can easily see what’s in them.  I also have a smaller size you’ll see in a second.

Below the shelving are several more drawers.

The top drawer was working for me as is so I didn’t do anything with it – in this drawer is my everyday make up.  I use a variety of clear drawer organizers to sort the different items – I have hair accessories in the largest but within that container are several smaller ones for clips and bobby pins.  There’s small containers for cotton rounds, q-tips and nail clippers.  Then the other containers hold mascaras/eye liners, primers and powders, brushes, lip products, eye shadows, blush and bronzers.  I keep some compacts I don’t use often in the back along with a few duplicates I keep on hand for spares.


Below that, the drawer was working for me too but had a ton of wasted space.  There were also quite a few products in the drawer that I never was going to use.  I also didn’t like that the baskets moved around every time I closed the drawer.



When I saw how much space there was in this drawer, I knew I could make it work to hold all the various bath bombs.  I was able to condense all the lotions into one basket and then used the empty one for the bath bombs.  As I use up the ones in the basket, I will move the ones behind it into the basket and now I can easily see how many I have on hand.. and that I don’t need any for a while!

Behind the lotion basket, I have sample size perfumes I toss in my travel bag and purse.




The bottom drawer still holds all my travel related beauty items (linked above).

Under the sink was another area that was working fine as is so I didn’t make any major changes.



This is where I keep the crazy amount of “extra” shower gels/lotions/hair products I’ve accumulated but am slowly working to get rid of!  The hot pink bag houses the “used up” beauty items for several months that I keep for my blog posts on product reviews.  I just toss them under the sink in this bin as I empty them.  The drawer under that has several clear containers keeping these categorized – I have skin sample products in one, nail polish/files in another, etc.


I did find more bath bombs when I moved the pink tote out to dust off the shelf!  This is why it’s so important to keep like items together – you can easily see if you’re running low on something and in my case, I’m good on bath products for a while!  I tend to stock up when products are on a good sale or I have a coupon.  I haven’t bought in in ages though because I know I need to work through my on-hand products.  The clear bin beside the pink tote holds “seasonal” lotions and shower gels that are open.  These are all the pumpkins, spiced scents, etc.

Finally, it was time to straighten up the cabinet in m commode room.  This is the space where I knew I had the most potential and the most wasted space.






The first thing I did was take everything out and wipe down the shelves.  Then, I took out all the products and threw away the bulky packaging.  Once I saw what I lad left, I knew I needed 2 clear bins to hold the face products and contact solutions.  I also didn’t like having the extra eye make up products in the white basket because I couldn’t easily see what I had extra of so I went in search of a better solution. The 2 clear bins and 3 set of drawers ended up being the only purchases I needed to make for my bathroom overhaul.



There are lots of options available like this 3 drawer tower, this is the one I have.  I now have room to expand should I need as well!


These are the smaller clear hinge boxes that I mentioned earlier.  Love, love, love them!  They are so universal.  Since they’re clear, I don’t see a need to label them either.

This cabinet just makes me smile now when I open it.  It’s become one of my favorite organized spaces in the house.  Throwing away all the packaging was such a quick, simple fix to making this space look 10 times better.


So, there you have it — my latest organization overhaul.  I was able to fill up half the box with things to donate and had a completely full trash bag!


I hope you enjoyed and are able to get some ideas for a space of your own.

Thanks for stopping by!


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