Empties – Beauty Product Reviews


Happy Sunday, friends!  We didn’t do much of anything this weekend (outside the house) but it still seemed to fly by.  Why can’t the work day go as fast as the weekend?  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m pregnant and going through the “nesting” phase, an overly organized person in general, or a combination of both, but lately I have been in “clean out/organize/purge” overdrive!  No area is safe.  My husband was making fun of me Friday night when he saw me dragging everything out from under the kitchen sink.  “Do you just decide ‘oh this cabinet needs cleaned out?'”  Well, kind of!  I have to say though, I’m really excited how several projects and minor cleaned out areas around the house have really had a positive impact.  I’ll be back soon to share some of those projects!  Today, I’m sharing another round up of used up beauty products and my thoughts on the items.  If you want to see my last beauty product review post, check it out here.

This is about 6-months worth of used up products.


First up, lip products:

I am constantly applying lip products and can’t stand to have bare lips.  My favorite lip product with color is the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster Stick in Glitzy.  The stick seems to last a while and it’s a smooth lip product that wears pretty well.  This color seems to go with almost everything as well.

I also really like the Blixtez lip products.  The Complete Moisture is my favorite.  It’s very smooth.

I used up two older products I’ve had for a while – Chap Stick medicated and one of the Soft Lips products.  Both are okay but I like others better.

Make – up removers:


These are two, tried and true products that I am always re-purchasing.  For years, I used the Clinique version of the Neutrogena eye make up remover but then I came across the Neutogrena brand and for half the price (or more) it does basically the same thing.  I wear mostly black, waterproof eye makeup products and this gets 99% of the make up off every time.  A bottle lasts me about 6-8 weeks.

My other favorite makeup removing product is the Philosophy Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser.  My nightly routine is to first take off my eye make up and then I put some of the face wash on my washcloth, get it wet and then wash my face.  I have old washcloths I’ve used forever just for taking off make up so I don’t care if the mascara, etc. stains the cloths.  I’ve also used cotton rounds for the eye make up remover when traveling and it works the same.  I prefer to use a washcloth to wash my face vs being one of the TV model commercials that can “splash and go”.  I will throw out there that I also purchased the Purity face wipes for remove makeup and I’m not a fan.  At all.

Shower/Lotion Products:


I’m still going through the process of using up all the various bath & body products I’ve accumulated and these are items I’ve had a while.  First up, Pretty in Pink lotion from Victoria’s Secret.  I don’t think they carry this any longer.  A random Olay shower gel – it was okay, lasted forever and had a faint fruity smell.  2 Scentsy Shower Gels – Quiver and Honeymoon Hideaway.  Love both of these scents.  Last, a travel shower gel in Paris from Bath and Body Works.  Love this scent but I’m getting tired of it.

Hair Products:


I’ve been a longtime fan of the Clear shampoo and conditioner.  It works great and smells amazing.  I use to be able to find these big pump bottles at Sam’s but haven’t seen them there in a while.  It’s too bad – they last for months for me.

I was using the Aussie Miraculously Smooth in my hair before drying it to give my thick hair some texture to better hold curl.  It seems to work fine but I have other items I need to use up before buying more.

Misc. Skin Products:


Another long time favorite Philosophy product is the renewed hope in a jar face lotion.  I use under my foundation and sometimes in the evening if my skin feels dry after I’ve taken off my makeup.  It smells amazing and is so silky soft.

I got interested in the Colleen Rothschild beauty products after seeing so many other bloggers giving their products rave reviews.  I purchased the Clarifying Detox Mask and absolutely love it.  It’s a combo of charcoal and clay mask and you leave it on 10 minutes or so to do it’s job.  My skin is so soft and silky after using.  They also have amazing customer service – I had an issue with my mask drying up in the container soon after I purchased and they sent me a new one right away.  When I received the new one, it was brick hard!  The girl I was working with sent me another one overnight and it was perfect.   They also seem to have sales pretty often so keep an eye out if you’re interested in trying the mask or any other products.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter is a tried and true favorite.  I swear this lotion kept my stretch marks away during my first pregnancy and you better believe I use it daily now with my second!  It’s such a thick and creamy lotion and smells amazing.  Another fun fact is that Target and Walgreens both now carry this line of products in addition to some of the big name stores.

Make up –


Two eyeliner fails this time – the Urban Decay Glide on pencil did an ok job until I got near the end of the stick.  Then, over an inch of the eye liner fell out and wouldn’t go back together!  A lot of wasted eye liner.

The Marc Jacobs eye liner was in a Sephora Birthday Gift offer from the store.  I couldn’t get the eye liner to make a mark!  Would definitely not recommend this brand of eye liner.


I used up 2 of the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundations in Beige Ivory.  This has turned into my everyday/all year make up.  I don’t bother changing the shade with the seasons, I just either more or less bronzer depending on how tan (or pale) the rest of me is.  This is a pricey foundation but more than worth it in my books.  It wears all day and doesn’t come off on phone, clothes, etc.  Has a flawless finish, too.

Last, but not least, mascaras.  I’ve had the Clinique High Impact Mascara and VS mascaras a while.  They aren’t favorites and I only used them because I had them.  I do love the Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer and can tell a difference when I don’t use this but I basically use it everyday 🙂

Well, that’s all for this round!  Coming up soon I’m going to share my master bathroom organization overhaul and a few other fun organizing projects.  Have a great week!

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    1. I’m glad you asked, I totally forgot to mention the lotion in my post! I LOVE this particular product, I haven’t tried many others yet but I swear by this lotion, especially during pregnancy. It kept away stretch marks with my first and is so thick and moisturizing. And it smells amazing! Thanks for stopping by!

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