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Scrapbook Rooms Through the Years & My New Scrapbook Table

Happy Snowy Eve!  We are enjoying the dusting of snow here in TN and counting down to warmer days.  I’ve slowly been working my way through the house and sorting out things we don’t need to keep keeping!  Why is it so hard to part with things??  I no longer want to be trapped in the cycle of “organizing” clutter and want to be able to have the things we love and use easily accessible.  I also struggle with how to spend my “extra” time – I really want to get Carter’s scrapbooks caught up and his ABC book made before Baby Girl arrives so I find myself working on that more so than house projects (other than the normal/routine things).  I’m also trying to keep on top of putting things away – everything seems to accumulate on the kitchen counters throughout the day!

All that being said, I wanted to stop for a second and share the scrapbook tables I purchased a few months ago.  These were a bit of a splurge but something I knew I would love and use for years to come.  Once I saw them, I knew they were the one.  Up to this point, for the last 8 years or so, I have scrapbooked on a counter-height table I purchased from Craigslist when we lived in Baton Rouge.  This was when Craigslist was really just getting big and none of the crazy stories were out there.. I actually went ALONE to pick up the table from the seller’s house!  I can’t even imagine how I thought that was a good idea.  ANYWAY… we live and learn!

I thought it would be fun to do a flashback of my scrapbook rooms over the last 9.5 years…

First up, my first house.  I had a little storage room over the garage that I kept all my scrapbook supplies in.  Forgive the messy picture, I had been living in Baton Rouge for 8 months at the time I came back to move from my house and snapped a quick picture before I started packing up this room!

Next, my second house, in Baton Rouge.  I used one of the bedrooms as a scrapbook/guest room.  I found these baker’s racks for sale at a garage sale and knew they were perfect for organizing and holding supplies.  They’re narrow but tall and sturdy – extremely heavy because they’re iron/metal.  It will take a lot for me to part with them!  I loved scrapbooking in this room, there was great light from the window.


Then, we moved to TN and I set up my 3rd scrapbook room.  I spent sooo many hours in this room over the 5 years we lived there.  It also saw several facelifts/re-organization attempts.  This was another bedroom turned completely into a scrapbook room.  I loved having the table in the middle of the room so that it was more like an island.  We switched out the light fixture for a cute little chandelier – pretty but not great lighting.

Then, we moved to our current house.  I don’t have my room together enough for a full showing but I do want to share the craft tables.  What I was struggling with is that the surface of the table always looked like this…

Then, I came across these little beauties and knew it was perfect!  These are the Martha Stewart Living Craft Space 8-Drawer Scrapbooking Base from The Home Depot.

I will say, shipping and assembly was not a piece of cake.  It took multiple phone calls to the company in order to get all the correct pieces and these set in pieces in the floor for about 3 months while we waited for everything to come in.  In the end, the company gave me a discount and we ended up with everything we needed to finish assembly.

All that aside, I LOVE these tables!  Each side has 4-shallow drawers, 2-medium drawers and 2-large drawers for scrapbooking paper.




I got a piece of glass cut locally to protect the top of the bases.


Love that the drawers are all adjustable – you can have as many compartments as you want or as little.  This is just a quick picture to show the drawer layout.  I’ll do an overview of how I organized them soon.  It’s still a work in progress!


IMG_4929IMG_4931The bottom drawer is so deep and holds 12X12 paper or page protectors perfectly!  Now all of my most used items are literally right at my fingertips and I can keep the work surface cleared off.  These are such nice looking, solid wood bases.  I will have them for years and years to come.  Even better, they doubled as a gift wrap station this Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!  Stay warm out there!

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