Life Update – Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year!  I feel like I blinked and 2017 was here and over.  The end of the year was a blur – we celebrated Thanksgiving here with my family and then went on a big family trip with my in-laws to Hermosa Beach, California.

Thanksgiving 2017 – we took some family pictures Thanksgiving since our professional family photo session didn’t go so swell!
Blowing kisses!
My favorite little turkey
I broke tradition and used my Christmas China for Thanksgiving dinner instead of the usual Fiesta themed place settings and serving pieces.  It made a pretty table!
On our way to CA!
We spent a fun day at Disneyland
I made us custom DIsney shirts to celebrate the milestone
Family pic on the beach in Hermosa
Beach Babe
Carter met his new cousin, Mila, and it was love at first site
Building a sandcastle

We had a wonderful December and enjoyed spending time with both of our families over Christmas/New Year.  I do have to admit, we were all 3 (and the dog) more than ready to be back home in TN and back to a routine.  Not to mention, it was COLD in Michigan and West Virginia!

Before we headed home for the holidays, we found out that Baby Gray #2 is a GIRL!  We went for an ultrasound at 15 weeks at the same place we found out early Carter’s gender.  I was so shocked when she said “girl” all I could do was cry.  We took Carter to the appointment with us and it was special to share that moment with him. We let him pick out a stuffed animal to have Baby Sister’s heartbeat and he selected an adorable soft bunny.

It’s a girl!
Look at those tiny little hands


My sweet boy
We hosted our annual Christmas party and each guest got to make their gender prediction on a light and then glue to the tree – more boy than girl votes!
The reveal at the Christmas party

I couldn’t wait to get home and share the news with our families.  I had envisioned an adorable announcement with Carter in either pink or blue lights but he wasn’t feeling it!  It was also nap time when I was attempting to get pictures but was able to get at least one cute one after his nap.  Over the last 5 weeks, I’ve had fun seeking out baby girl nursery ideas and picking up fun girlie clothes here and there (Mudpie.com will be the death of me!).  Now that it’s 2018, I feel like time is going to fly between now and her due date – I think we have less than 140 days!  We still don’t have a name, we have a couple we are considering but nothing set in stone yet.  Now that I have hit 20 weeks (today!), I am finally feeling better!  I haven’t thrown up since about 15 weeks and the only consistent issue I have is still my SI joint.

Around the house, I’m in the thick of taking down Christmas decorations (not getting back until the 1st delayed that process)!  I didn’t share pictures of our decorated house because it looked almost identical to last year’s decorations.   I did however add a 4th decorated tree outside my upstairs office and it featured all my “girlie” ornaments.  I loved seeing it each day and it was the perfect size for this spot at the top of the stairs.  The cats also enjoyed napping under it each day (as they did all the trees!).

Another change this year – I swapped out all my usual Fiesta pieces in the China cabinet and displayed some Christmas serving pieces
Carter’s felt Christmas trees and decorations
The new “girlie” tree


Going to visit Santa this year was a bust – he seemed fine with Santa as long as he didn’t have to touch him!  Dad ended up in the picture with him this year.

We celebrated Christmas a week early here since we traveled the last ~2 weeks of the year.  That means everything has to be ready to go that much sooner!  Carter had a good time taking his time opening gifts (slowly but surely, all day!).  We didn’t even have that many things since he had one big item but he kept getting distracted and we weren’t rushing it.  I’ll try to do a list of our favorite toys for 18-24 months in case anyone is looking for ideas.


The best family pic we could get!


LOVED his nap mat and knew right away what it was.


I don’t know if it’s the “nesting” pregnancy feeling or the start of a new year or both but I am ready to do some major clean out and organizing!  I feel like I am constantly trying to stay on top of keeping the play areas sorted and organized and circulating where toys are in the house (we literally have toys in every room, every floor of the house!).  Carter’s big gift from us this Christmas was a play kitchen and it’s now found a home in our breakfast room.  I could have easily put it up in the hobby room or in the basement but we want him to have his toys where we spend the most time so for now, it’s living near the “real” kitchen.

The hobby room (aka my scrapbook/craft room and hubby’s computers) is always a work in progress – I need to tackle the remaining gift wrap items that are lingering out still and make head’s or tails of that space.  I do have plans to share that room soon – if I can ever keep it neat more than 24 hours!

Our master bathroom cabinets already need an overhaul – hard to believe we’ve been in this house almost two years now!  That’s going to be one of the first areas I tackle this year.  I’ll try to remember to take some before and after pictures and share those.  It seems I get halfway into a project and think – “this would have been good to share on the blog!”

Another area that’s going to get organized and re-decorated is Baby Girl’s room!  Right now, it’s serving as the main guest room.  I need to figure out if I’m getting rid of the bedroom suit that’s in there or relocating to the basement – leaning more toward getting rid of.  I don’t have any of her furniture ordered yet but am hoping to get that done soon!  Baby Girl’s room has a massive walk-in closet that is currently housing all of the baby gear – infant carrier, car seat bases, rock-n-plays, pack-n-play, etc. – there’s room for some of that to stay in there until we need it but it definitely needs organized better and I want to start sorting out the clothes/sizes I have for her.

The biggest thing I’m struggling with right now is TIME – how do I get it all done?!  I miss blogging and sharing and that’s something I really am trying to figure out how to squeeze in to the equation.  Carter is asleep most nights by 8pm so that leaves me a few hours in the evening to get everything done.  Once I get the Christmas decorations put away, and the house straightened back up from being gone, I think I’ll feel a little less overwhelmed with everything that needs attention.  Something I am very passionate about is wanting to get Carter’s scrapbook caught up – I have pages laid out and ready for journaling up to September and have the next set of pages ready for the pictures to be ordered through Halloween. I would also like to start Baby Gray’s scrapbook – I’ve been looking at different ideas and things for that.

Something else that’s right around the corner and quickly approaching is Carter’s second birthday!  How is that even possible???  I’ve been looking at ideas and themes on Pinterest and need to make a decision so I can start getting things pulled together for that so it’s not last minute and when I’m VERY pregnant.

So yeah, that’s pretty much a round up of everything that’s been going on and coming up!  I look forward to (attempting to) be more active around here – if there’s any topics or organization ideas you’d like me to share, comment below.  Happy 2018!




3 thoughts on “Life Update – Happy New Year!

  1. Sound like you had an amazing holiday! ☺ congratulations to you and your husband, may you have a healthy happy baby girl! ♥ 😍 ☺


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