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A Baby Story


Big news to share — we are expecting baby Gray #2!  If you follow my blog, you may recall a few weeks ago I shared about our devastating miscarriage this summer.  Since then, Adam and I both knew we wanted to try again as soon as we could.  For me, I spent the time between the miscarriage and getting pregnant mainly feeling like everything was 100% out of my control – not a feeling I’m use to or like.  I like a plan and I like to follow said plan.  After the way my OB office handled things with the miscarriage, I decided I wanted to meet with another OB and see if we clicked better and if they had anything to offer about what had happened so we could avoid it happening in the future.  Several friends recommended a practice in nearby Chattanooga so I called and got an appointment.  To me it was a sign because the office number had the same last 4 numbers as Adam’s cell phone.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get an appointment for over a MONTH.  Just add that to the feeling of not being in control of anything.  In the meantime, I decided to call my OB back and make an appointment with my doctor.  That appointment was for 2 weeks after the miscarriage – the soonest I could get in.

As each day passed, all I could do was wait for my cycle to return.  I tried to keep my focus on Carter and not the constant worry and sadness that wanted to overwhelm me.  I had 2 distinct signs during this waiting period that I know without a doubt were a direct message from God.

The first – I was driving home from work and there was a beautiful, massive rainbow stretching across the whole town.  I was dumbfounded it was so big and beautiful.  I knew this was God’s way of reminding me there’s always a rainbow after the storm.


Second, Adam and I ordered Chinese take-out and opened our fortune cookies.  Mine had a fortune and then a word to learn:


Disclaimer – we don’t know the sex but I had to hang on to this little slip of paper because again, I knew it was another direct message from God.

I went to my doctor’s appointment with my existing OB and had lab work to check that everything was back to normal.  She assured me that the risk of another miscarriage was 5% or less and that it was most likely a chromosome defect.  I had a follow up appointment with her to review the labs and the day before – one month and one day after the miscarriage – my cycle returned.  All my labs came back normal.

With all 3 pregnancies, I used the Kindara app to track fertility/cycles.  It’s a very simple way to know when your best chances are to get pregnant.

I was so terrified to try again and go through another miscarriage or worse, not being able to get pregnant, but not too scared to want to try again. My face started breaking out and I was extremely tired a few days before my second cycle would have been but I was too nervous to take a pregnancy test.  I finally caved and took one on September 11th and it was POSITIVE!  Ironically, the same day, my sister-in-law shared with the family that they are expecting baby Gray #3.  Little did she know, she was going to have a due date just 12 short days ahead of me.  I waited a few days to tell Adam, once I was sure.  Carter and I made a fun craft to share the news with him:



I repeated the lab work at my doctor’s office to check my HCG levels – they do labs within 2 days of each other.  My numbers were excellent – the best news ever.  By this point, the morning sickness (aka all day sickness) had started rearing it’s ugly head and I was able to go ahead and get a prescription for Diclegis.  I also took it with Carter and it helped somewhat.

The same day I got my lab results, I had my appointment with the new OB doctor.  I really liked her and some of the practice policies but my biggest concern with that doctor was that she’s also pregnant and will be on maternity leave a good chunk of my pregnancy.  She also has a nurse practitioner that ends up seeing a lot of her patients now as is.  The office is about 30 minutes away and it would mean we’d deliver in Chattanooga vs Cleveland.  Adam and I discussed and I decided I’d rather give my current doctor another chance and if things aren’t better, then switch.  It wasn’t really my doctor I have the issue with, it’s mainly her nurse.

As the days went by, I held my breath that nothing would happen again – as luck would have it, when I was at the same point in my pregnancy as the miscarriage, I had to go back to STL for work.  I was so nervous the whole time – was it something I had done, lifted, etc. that caused the miscarriage the first time? I know it wasn’t anything I did but the thought still lingered.  Thankfully, the trip was uneventful.

On October 5th, we had out first prenatal appointment.  I was 6 weeks and 6 days.  Baby’s heart rate was 143 and everything was perfect.  Baby has a May 25th due date.  I had a TON of lab work at this appointment.

First photoshoot:

I shared the news with my mom and Grandma when Carter and I met them for the weekend in Gatlinburg.  I totally caught my mom off guard and she’s so excited for us.


The same weekend, we shared the news with Adam’s family.  I made his mom new pieces for the family calendar I made her last Christmas to announce her arriving #10th grandbaby.



Nauseousness and throwing up has plagued me most of the days of my pregnancy but I’m told often that sickness is the sign of a healthy baby so I just cling to that!  I also have the same pain in my SI joint that reared it’s ugly head around 3 months into Carter’s pregnancy.  If anyone has tips to relieve this pain, please share!

We had our second prenatal appointment November 9th.  Baby measured 3″ and had a heart rate of 159.  My ultrasound took twice as long because Baby was bouncing around nonstop!  I said it’s no wonder I stay nauseous!  At this appointment, we also met with the lactation consultant and I had more lab work – just one vile this time tho!  The lactation consultant told me to try lemon water and 200 mg of Vitamin B6 instead of the Diglecis.  That night, I had a nice big glass of lemon water and took the first pill and was SO sick all night.  The next day, I tried just the vitamin – no more lemon water for me – and was sick again all day.  That was all it took for me to give up those suggestions.

Look at the amazing change in just 5 weeks – amazing.

I just feel so blessed that we are able to have another baby.  It was a rough, emotional roller coaster there for a while.  I know I will always think of our angel baby.  Carter will be such a wonderful big brother and I can’t wait to watch him teach his new brother or sister everything he’s figured out in this big ol’ world.


We find out gender in 4 short weeks and I can’t wait to start planning and decorating another nursery!  I found this cute ornament to add to our tree this year:


Thanks for all your positive thoughts, comments and well wishes!


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