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Quick Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

Hello, friends!  This weekend we hosted our first pool party and had a blast.  We had 20 here and kids of all ages!  We love getting our friends together and catching up.  Plus, now with all the little ones, it’s fun to see them grow, develop and interact.  I love to host and handle all the logistics that come with it from cleaning, decorating, setting up, planning the food, grocery shopping, food prep, baking – you name it.  For this pool party, I thought a taco bar would be a fun late lunch.  To go with it, I had brownies and a strawberry shortcake trifle.  I love making trifles – I think they look so festive in their official “trifle” dish and strawberries and cool whip just scream summer to me.  I thought I would share how I threw together this quick and tasty treat.


First things first – dicing up the strawberries!  I wasn’t sure how many I would need so I cut up 3 of the smaller cartoons.  This made about 8 cups of strawberries (I ended up using about 6.5 cups in the trifle but you can use as much or as little as you want).  I cut up the strawberries the night before the party to save time the day of.



I looked for an angel food mix at the store but couldn’t find one at two grocery stores so I cheated and bought this already baked angel food cake at Publix.  I got lucky – it was the last one!



I wasn’t sure how the cake would do if I cubed it in advance so I waited until about 3 hours before the party and cut it into small pieces.  I thought about cutting the crust off so the brown wouldn’t show through on the sides but then decided to just turn the crust in and hide it more or less.  IMG_4681[1]


I made a layer of cake for the foundation.



Next came the cool whip!  I used almost a whole small container to cover the cake.



Then I layered on the diced up strawberries – yum!





Then all you do is repeat the first three steps – cake, Cool Whip and top it off with strawberries.


I stuck mine back in the fridge for a few hours until the party got going to keep it chilled.



The next thing I knew, this is what I saw!  Luckily, I grabbed a piece before it was too late.  It’s safe to say, this dessert was a hit!

What’s your favorite trifle?  Share in the comments!


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