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Life Update

Just like that, it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged!  While I haven’t been active on here, it’s been on mind and I’ve tried to share snippets along the way on my facebook page – follow me there if you don’t already.  There are so many things and projects I want to share but life has been in full GO speed lately.  It seems like once we hit April it’s full steam ahead until end of August and then things slow slightly before the holiday chaos hits.

Adam and I are so enjoying every second of every day with our little one – he’s growing and learning so much every day.  Those few hours we get to spend together as a family in the evening are so precious to us.  We love getting down in the floor and playing silly games, reading books, petting the animals and anything else Carter wants to do.

I’ve had several work trips to St. Louis and Houston over the last 3 months.  Carter was able to go with me a few weeks ago when I had to be in STL for a week so it was nice to spend a little extra time with my mom, niece and Carter.  We took my niece to The Arch and I got a picture with Carter in the same spot as 11 months before – he’s grown a little since then!


Carter had his first serious injury when he slipped in the bathtub and sliced the side of his eye open.  We made it to urgent care right before they closed and they were able to glue it – I don’t think any of us would have recovered from him getting stitches!  Thankfully, he’s healing up nicely and hopefully it won’t scar.

We let our second nanny “go” after she randomly stopped coming to work one day – strangest thing ever!  But have found a new nanny that’s working out wonderfully.  Our first nanny came back to stay a week with us when the new nanny went on vacation and we had a fun week with her.

We’ve been to Michigan twice and had several rounds of visitors so far this summer. I joke our house is more like a bed and breakfast these days!  We spent a week in Michigan over the 4th of July and Carter enjoyed playing with all his cousins.  Adam and I went to lunch one afternoon – it was our first “date” in over 14 months!  What did we talk about before we had Carter?  We’ve vowed to do better about getting time alone but both of us would rather spend all our time as a family!  Since then, we’ve met for lunch once during the week and that was a nice treat.

Carter also started taking steps!  We aren’t 100% walking yet but he’s had several days in a row where he will take series of 5-6 steps and then plop down.  He’s so good at standing up without support too.  It’s just a matter of days before he’s running around the house.

In my spare time, ha, I’m trying to get back to catching up on Carter’s scrapbook and our family book.  I’m not 4 months behind on Carters and 4 YEARS behind on the family book…

Thanks for dropping by!  I’ve got several things to share so come back often 🙂







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