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Hi Friends!  Long time, no blog!  April always turns out to be a crazy month for us – there’s multiple family birthdays, Easter and other things that always hit at once.  While I haven’t had a chance to update the blog in a few weeks, I’ve been trying to keep in touch via Facebook so follow me on there if you aren’t already – Categorized and Organized is the page name.

April has also turned into repair month at our house.   Toward the end of March, we were hit with a major hail storm.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  The hail lasted about half hour and the pieces were golf ball size and larger.  Everyone in our neighborhood and surrounding ones is now getting new roofs, gutters, down spouts, etc.  Thank goodness for insurance!

It looked like snow there was so much hail!
Roof week… they pulled everything off down to the plywood
Something tells me we will be picking up pieces of shingles and nails for years to come

Delivery day.  Have you ever tried to pick up a pack of shingles?  HEAVY!



Roofers scare me!  He’s standing at the highest point!!


As if the roof wasn’t enough fun, we had some water come in the keeping room and needed to get that room repainted.  Since that’s where all the toys are stored.. everything got relocated to the master bedroom for the time being.  On the positive side, I LOVE the new paint color (my go to – Nomadic Dessert by Sherwin Williams – and can’t wait to get rid of the rest of the yellow!



We took Carter to the zoo for the first time and had a great visit.  We rode on a camel and took a carousel ride.  He wasn’t interested in touching the camel or any animals in the petting zoo – I thought for sure he’d like to pet the goats!

Here’s a few other things we’ve been up to:


We went to a birthday party with a unicorn theme so I made a coordinating card – turned out pretty cute!


We went to WV to celebrate my Grandma turning 80 and to visit my other Grandma in the nursing home.  Carter brought lots of smiles to the home.


Carter and Presley checked out the swing together after our Kindermusic class – he loved it!


Carter and I ran errands one Saturday and he had his first trip to Toys-R-Us – he LOVED it.  He was so busy checking everything out and of course we had to pick up a few toys for his upcoming birthday.


We went to visit the Easter Bunny and while he didn’t cry, we didn’t get a single smile either!


Presley got a trampoline for her birthday and we’ve enjoyed going over to bounce!


Nanny Madie came back to help us out for a week and we were in Heaven!  I wanted to lock her in the house and throw away her car keys so she couldn’t go back to Ohio on us again!  We miss her so much.


We went back to WV for Easter Weekend – Easter was Carter’s LAST FIRST holiday!  Where did the year go?!  He FINALLY fell asleep in the church service and then there was random applause and it startled him awake like 3 minutes later!  He woke up clapping – it was the cutest thing.




The last 4-5 flights, Carter has slept from take off to landing – makes traveling a breeze!


When we landed at the airport on Easter Sunday, I had to re-board another plane for my first trip EVER away from Carter.  I had an overnight trip to Houston for work and ended up missing putting him to bed two nights in a row.  We almost made it a year without spending a night apart but he did fine – his daddy took great care of him.

Somehow… my sweet little baby turned ONE!  I made him a special pancake stack complete with candle for his birthday breakfast –  I think we are going to have to continue that tradition!  We had a low key birthday at home since we had a big party the next afternoon.  One of my next posts will be dedicated to his special party.

Today, we braved the heat (naturally it was the most humid, hottest day of the year so far!) and went to ride Thomas the Train in Chattanooga.  Carter was all about trying to pet the goats at their petting zoo!  It’s fun to see him experience everything.

Tonight, we were scheduled for his one-year pictures at our house.  The humidity was brutal and as we were hurrying to beat a massive storm with pictures outside, we lost.  It was pretty much a disaster photo shoot.  Our photographer was incredibly understanding and has offered to reschedule.  In the meantime, Carter really enjoyed playing with his special balloons I had picked up just for pictures!

Thanks for catching up with me!  I have a HUGE house project to share this week!  Now that the travel has slowed down and the birthday party is behind me, I have a little more free time to blog.  Come back soon!


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