Post-Christmas Toy Review

We are three months post-Christmas and I wanted to take a minute and share a quick recap on some toys Carter received for his first Christmas.  At Christmas, Carter had just turned 8 months old and timing wise, it was perfect because he was ready for the next “stage’ of toys.  Carter really enjoys his toys and still plays with pretty much everything he has.  That being said, there are toys that are clear front runners and those that he gives a minute or two of attention and then he’s on to the next toy.



Fisher-Price Stacker – this is a tried and true classic and holds true for Carter as well.  He loves to pull the rings off and mouth on them.  He also likes to shake them and toss them.  We are working on re-stacking them now.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Farm Animal Puzzle – I really like this puzzle because the pieces are plastic and hold up through all the rounds of teething they’ve been through.  The only negative is that the stickers of the animals are starting to dissolve from all the drool and mouthing.  Each animal makes sounds when the pieces are put back on the board.


VTech Sit to Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train – Carter’s absolute favorite.  This toy has so many features and keeps him entertained for hours.  Babes can also sit on the caboose and “drive” the train around.

star cups

Green Toy Stacking Cups  – Carter loves when you build him a tower so that he can knock it over.  These cups can also be used in the water.


Bright Starts Safari Beats Musical Toy – Carter loves anything with music and this drum is no exception.  It has two different settings and he squeals with delight when he plays with it.


VTech Musical Rhymes Book – This is another toy with several features.  I like that it’s indestructible and Carter has enjoyed turning the pages and checking out the interactive items on each page.


Activity Board – Carter’s nanny made him a board with numerous flips, switches, locks to check out.  His favorite feature is the door stop!


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin Soccer Ball – this is the only “ball” he got for Christmas and he really likes it.  It’s soft and makes sounds when it’s moved.  He likes to roll it back and forth with us and smash it against his face.


Fisher-Price Crawl Around Car – this is another clear favorite of Carters (and mom and dad).  Before he was crawling, we could sit him in the car and he would push buttons and flip switches for a while.  Now that he’s crawling, he can easily escape through the door but he still likes to hang around and push the buttons.  The car has three different settings which means that are countless sounds and songs to keep baby entertained.  Each side of the car also has a feature – one side has a shape sorter and the other a ball roll.

Not so interested in:

Fisher Price Puppy – I thought for sure Carter would like this puppy but for the first 2 months he didn’t have much to do with it.  Now, he likes to push the heart button and has started to give it a little more attention.

Little Tikes Activity Garden – This toy isn’t as fun as it looked in the ads but this is also another toy that he’s starting to show more interest in now that he’s crawling.  He likes to open and close the shutters and put things in/out of the mailbox.  Now we have it opened up and use it as a baby gate per say to keep him in the keeping room.  Works like a charm!

Vtech Ball Drop – We put this together and I pretty much immediately took it back apart and returned it.  The level to release the balls into the spiral was hit or miss on working and Carter didn’t give it even a glance.  I give this toy a big fat fail rating.

Fisher Price Popping Dino – this is cute in theory but when using it, the balls pop out and roll all over the room.  Carter’s favorite part of this toy are the 6 plastic balls.

Vtech Car Hauler – after getting so many Fisher Price toys with tons of features and settings, the Vtech toys as a whole fall short.  The Car Hauler has a couple cute features and I think it’s something he will enjoy when he’s a little older but for now he hasn’t shown much interest in it – other than to play with the toy separately.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your little one or gift ideas for others.  Thanks for stopping by!

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