Master Bedroom – Quick Sweep

Ever have one of those moments where you go to do something and realize you’ve been avoiding doing something small for too long?  That happened to me over the weekend with our chifferobe in the master bedroom.  Every time I opened the door on the left side I was greeted by way too many pair of sweat and yoga pants and most annoying, a shelf that had fallen.  I actually thought the shelf clip had broken but was pleasantly surprised to find it had just come out (once I finally got down to business and tackled the mess).  See wonky shelf below… and the other <folded> hot mess that was lurking behind.


I decided everything needed to come out of the cabinet.


I made a couple quick piles – and pulled out the items that hadn’t been worn in quite some time.

dsc_0033Everything got neatly re-folded/re-organized and back into the cabinet it went.  I did move my heavier/winter PJ sets into my closet to free up a little more space.  This is now just sweat/yoga pants and summer PJ sets.  I’ve told myself if I don’t start wearing something other than the top shelf of black pants by the end of the year, a lot more of these sweats are going into the donate pile.

Since that took literally 10 minutes, I decided to tackle another problem area that was lurking in Adam’s closet…



These shelves are behind the door and make me cringe quite often.  I went to refold some of the jeans on the top shelf and noticed a receipt in the pocket from …2009.  Those jeans are now happily living in the donate pile along with some other jean friends.  I sneakily folded and semi-hid one of Adam’s favorites that were splashed with some bleach for a not so cute look and what do you know… he had them on the next day.  I need to work on my hiding skills.  I was picturing he could wear them mowing the grass…walking the dog…  dsc_0035Some quick folding and arranging resulted in a much better looking closet!


I was able to re-arrange and clean out enough non-worn items to move the extra baby items up to the shelf, too.  I love being able to get things up out of the floor!  So now we have extra baby items (wipes, diaper pail refills, swim diapers, Baby Aquaphor and diapers) and sheets on the bottom shelf, pajama bottoms and shorts on the second shelf, and two shelves of jeans.

dsc_0037While I was tucking the winter pajama sets into my closet I did a quick shoe clean out.  I ended up with two boxes of things to donate and several boxes to recycle.

Productive, easy, quick clean-out – just the way I like it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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