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1 Year House-aversary!

Wow – how can it be that we closed on our “forever” home a year ago today?!  That also means little man will be ONE next month!  It feels like we have lived in this house for years and we could not be happier to be here.  I remember the excitement of the first time we came to the house after closing – we couldn’t believe it was ours!  I really left our mark when I pulled into the garage the first time and right into the edge of the garage bay…oops.  Our previous house and this house share very similar floor plans – key differences are that the rooms in this house are larger and there’s a finished basement.  We also have a lot better storage and closets in this house.  One of the key things about this home is that it was move in ready – we literally didn’t have to do anything when we closed.  That being said, I knew I wanted to change the paint colors in the bedrooms/bathrooms before we moved in.  I want to change from the light yellow paint that’s covering the rest of the main floor walls too but we prioritized given the cost and went with just the bedrooms/bathrooms to start with.  The only other thing I did before moving in was to have the carpets professionally cleaned and our area rugs from the prior house that were going to be utilized here as well.

I really wanted to be moved into a new home before we brought Carter home to our old house because I knew it would make it harder for me to leave once we had those memories there.  The stars aligned and we were able to get moved and settled before Carter arrived.  I ordered his nursery furniture Thanksgiving weekend and the store was super understanding in holding on delivering until MARCH!  I was dying to get his room set up and organized which is comical because we didn’t even use his room for the first 3 months.  I couldn’t even go upstairs/downstairs the first couple weeks due to the C-section.  Having a large master bedroom with room to set up a baby area was a lifesaver!


All of our memories in this house start with the weeks leading up to Carter’s arrival and the pure joy the last 10 months with him have been.  This will always be the first house we brought our baby home to – the house we became a family of three in.  I never thought I would say it, but I love going from room to room and seeing Carter’s toys just waiting for him to explore.  Now he’s zooming all around in his walker and crawling everywhere.  I know we are going to have many, many wonderful memories here.

We’ve done a few projects here and there around the house and lord knows, I have lots of plans for things I’d like to do.  Some of the low hanging fruit that we’ve knocked out:  new front porch furniture, custom closet for Carter, adding hand towel bars and toilet paper holders to all the bathrooms, adding extra shelves to the kitchen cabinets, getting the pantry organized,  adding/installing a custom cabinet in the master bathroom, mounting a tv in the craft room, new craft tables, setting up a gift wrap station, donating 20+ bags/boxes to Goodwill, organizing the hall closet, new outdoor cushions for back patio, adding a wall of hanging space in my closet, hanging Carter’s newborn pictures,  adding a floor length mirror to the master bedroom, setting up Carter’s nursery – shew, so we’ve done more than I thought and had a newborn!  There’s probably more that I’m forgetting and I’ll go back and share some of these projects too, when time allows!  But for now, I thought it would be fun to leave you with some before/after pictures of the rooms we changed the paint color in:

For those interested, we used Sherwin Williams paint in all the rooms.  The blue room/nursery is Aleutians and everything except the master bedroom/bathroom are Kilim Beige.  The master bathroom/bedroom are Nomadic Desert.

Thanks for stopping by!

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