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Baby Changing Station

Hello, friends!  I know I went silent last week – I had to go out of town for work and under anticipated how little free time I would have in the evenings.  I always do that – I take magazines to read, TV shows to catch up on, and guess what – I didn’t even turn on the TV the first time all week!  I did get to take Carter with me thanks to my mom being available to go so that’s a huge blessing and I’d rather spend my free time with them any day.  I took Carter swimming two nights in the indoor pool at the hotel and he has a blast!  The water was so much warmer than the pool where we go for swim lessons.  I think he was worn out from the trip, his Saturday swim lesson and his new found ability to belly crawl everywhere because last night he SLEPT!  Most nights we struggle with him waking several times for either wanting to nurse, needing his paci, or just being ready to get up, but not last night!  I actually had laid him down for his second nap at 5:45 and an hour went by.. then two.. and then it became the conversation of “do we wake him up or not?”  He didn’t have his pjs on, no dinner, no night bath, nothing!  But we decided to let him sleep.  He didn’t wake until 12:40am!  I nursed him and he went straight back to sleep until 6am!  Nursed him again and he slept for another hour.  We’ve NEVER seem him sleep like this.  He was in a great mood today and took two naps.  No two days are the same around here. 🙂

Something I’ve wanted to share is our “baby command station” we have in our master bedroom.  When we first brought Carter home from the hospital, I thought changing him on our bed (on a changing pad) was going to be the easiest option.  Around day 2, Adam was changing him and right when the diaper came off, Carter had a massive explosion and pooh went EVERYWHERE! Comforter, changing pad, Adam, cream rug under bed, bassinet stand, WALL – it was bad.  I quickly decided that wasn’t happening again.  We then started fully utilizing the changing/baby area I had set up in our master bedroom.


Both of these pieces I have had for years – I bought the 6-section basket table when I first moved to TN 9 years ago at Hobby Lobby I think.  The tall skinny basket stand I also bought at Hobby Lobby and have seen them there still recently.  The changing station is something I should have shared when we had Carter’s thing in as a newborn and then again now as a 10-month old since some of the items have changed.




The top shelf holds his winter hats and mittens.  As a baby, I had his house slippers and shoes up here.


The next shelves have always held the wipe warmer and diapers, lotion, water wipes, and baby aquaphor.


Moving on down we have burp cloths and extra changing pads.


We have a diaper dekor pail in our room and another in his nursery.


In the top baskets, I keep lightweight pants, house shoes that are still a little big and onesies.  As a newborn, these were both full of onesies.


I like to keep them folded the same and in color order so I can quickly find whatever I’m looking for.


The next baskets down hold blankets and shoes.  As a newborn, I had his sleepwear in these drawers but we’ve since moved those things to his nursery.


The bottom drawers hold his swim wear, sunglasses and sun hats.  All his swimming trunks were being washed when I snapped this pic. Obviously the other drawer has little baby socks.


We are never too far from a paci and toy!  Moose continues to be a favorite.

Hope this gives you some ideas for a baby changing station  – it’s been a game changer for us.  Have a great week!

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