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The Pantry – Part III – The Reveal!

We are halfway through the week!  Once Wednesday comes to an end it’s like you can just feel that the weekend is almost here.  Today, I’m excited to share the final look at our pantry!  Plus, I’m happy to say, we have been using it in the “finished” state for a few weeks now and it’s working great and staying neat.  Much like my hall closet clean out, when I open the pantry door, I LOVE the sight I’m greeted with!  So, without further delay, let’s get to it!

First, we have to take a trip down memory lane so we truly appreciate the finished product:


Truly, a mess with a few attempts of organization here and there


Lots of wasted space that could be better utilized


img_3121Love the over the door organizer but it wasn’t being utilized either.

So now that I’ve burned your eyes, let’s see what we are working with now!


Organized deep baskets with labels, clear labeled containers, no clutter in the floor! The baskets are from Michaels and come in three sizes.  I thought the navy blue was a nice departure from what I usually would go with and I love the sturdy handle.



I thought I wouldn’t like not having my canned goods in the pantry, but they are working perfectly in the former baking cabinet in the island.  With both the pantry and the canned goods cabinet, I can quickly see what we have on hand and what needs re-purchased.

Here’s a quick before/after of the baking cabinet turned canned good cabinet:


The goal for the baking ingredients were to be decanted and moved to the pantry.


The canned goods fit perfectly under the island cabinet and there’s room to grow.

The baking goods found a new home in the pantry and look great in the OXO pop top containers.

img_92021In my last update, I shared how the containers turned out – without labels at that point.


I made vinyl labels with my Cricut in navy blue to match the baskets.  They turned out great!  I’ll share in another post how I made the labels, for those that are interested.  I love that you can use the Cricut vinyl on pretty much anything!  I decided not to label the two cereal containers and two snack containers since those change pretty frequently and it’s easy to tell what they are – baking ingredients, not so much!

The baskets also got labeled – I had these cute star chalkboard labels from Michaels and tied them on to the handles.  Since it’s just chalk marker on the star, if I ever want to change the contents of the baskets, it’s an easy update.

Check out this before and after of the bottom two shelves!  Talk about night and day.  There was a lot that just needed purged that was living in the bottom of the pantry before.  There’s a lot to be said for having a place for everything – it also helps reduce waste and overbuying because you can easily see what you already have.


The top of the pantry houses things we don’t access often – paper items for parties, lunch boxes, soup mixes, pancake mixes and Henderson’s pop-top dog treat container.


The shelf below the top one houses several clear containers of categorized items (snack bars, fruit snacks, dip mixes, etc.).  To the left of the animal crackers, are some of the misc. baking items that were in the island cabinet that I rarely use (sprinkles, cake and brownie mixes, cookie press, etc.).

I think that pretty much sums it up!  It was a big undertaking but I broke it down in phases and changed my plans a few time to better fit how we use the kitchen.  I love how it turned out!

Let’s take one last look at the before and after:

Thanks for stopping by!

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