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Hall Closet Clean-Out


TGIF, friends!  We made it through another crazy week.  2017 is turning into my year of get it done!  The areas that have been left “unmanaged” are no longer getting a free pass.  One said area was our hall coat closet.  Every.single.time. I would go to get something from this closet I would cringe.  I can vividly remember moving in to the house and using this closet as a catch-all for my dress pants and some of Adam’s.  I was very pregnant and not going to be wearing my dress pants anytime soon and as my closet filled up, I just stuck the overflow in this closet.  And there it stayed – for 10 months.  I knew it wouldn’t take hardly any time to get it organized so I got down to business.


The troublesome closet!  You’d never guess what’s lurking behind closed doors…


You guys.  This seriously hurts my eyes.  Now you see why I cringed when I would open the door!  See all the pants smashed against the left side?  Then there’s our jackets, 31 bags and other bigger totes, a clear tub that I was using to accumulate baby clothes as they became too small, a random bathroom rug and even more tote bags up on the top shelf.  There’s also 2 step-stools that live in here.

Here’s some close -ups of the madness and mayhem…




I wish I had cleaned this closet our a few weeks ago because there are several jackets I want to donate to a coat drive.  I may hold on to them and donate the next time there is a collection now.


First things first – I pulled everything except the jackets out into the floor.  I went ahead and put the dress pants where they go and pulled out a few to donate.


I straightened up the jackets and now they have room to breathe without the pants! Looking better already.  I normally would hang them by color but I went with ease of access on the ones that we wear most often instead.  Adam’s jackets are on the left with ones that he wears most often toward the middle.  Mine go from the middle to the right.


Here’s the view when you open the door now – the stools are easy to grab and put back.

Enter a caption

And the finished project!  I stood the totes up by order of how often I use them and contained them within the tub that was already in the closet.



Room to grow!  I could add some baskets with gloves/winter hats/scarves but we really don’t need those items here (thankfully!) so I have them stored in the basement for now.


This clean out literally took me at most 20 minutes.  Why do we procrastinate such simple things?  Now I don’t cringe when I open the door and it’s a pleasant surprise to be greeted by the nice, neat organized area.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, thanks for stopping by!


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