The Pantry – Part II

Today, I’m back to share the “after” pictures from my pantry overhaul.  Or so that was my plan.  If you missed my first pantry post, catch up here. As with most of my organizing projects, one space leads to another and that’s exactly what happened with the pantry.  As I evaluated how I use the kitchen and what is working and what had to change, I knew I needed to address one of the cabinets in the island.  One side of the island houses kitchen appliances (hand mixer, Kitchenaid stand mixer, etc) and the other houses baking supplies/measuring cups/measuring spoons/etc.  The cabinet that I was storing baking related items in needed an overhaul of it’s own.  I use baking supplies pretty often and knew that presented an opportunity with the pantry.  This particular cabinet happens to be right across from the pantry.



Oh the horror!  Can you believe what’s hiding behind closed doors sometimes?  Every time I went to use this cabinet I would tell myself I needed to take 4 minutes and straighten it up but just never got to it.


I had some items decanted and others still in their original packaging.  I prefer to decant items when they won’t go bad easily so that was my plan with the rest of the baking supplies.  I also wanted to “pretty up” the labels.


Here’s some close up shots of the mess…


This cabinet is by far the messiest in the kitchen – small victories.


I got down to business with my usual game plan – take everything out, wipe down the area and group like things together.


All of the cabinet contents waiting to move to their new home…


Now, let’s take a look back at one of the shelves in the pantry.  This shelf is one of the first ones you see when you open the door and the easiest to access.  See how much wasted space there is?  I love the tiered can shelves but they’re wasting more space than they are saving in this case.


I moved all the can goods to the island cabinet.  I kept like items together – different types of beans are stacked in a row, soups are together, etc.  I try to keep 2-3 of each item on hand and as we use up something, I try to add it right then to the grocery list on our iPhone (we use Cozi).  I did try the tiered shelves in this cabinet but they came out just a smidge too far and the doors wouldn’t close completely.  After seeing the cans in the cabinet, I don’t feel that I really need them right now anyway.  I’ve tucked them away with my other extra organizing supplies for future use/projects.

img_92021 My next step was to decant the baking supplies and organize in the newly empty pantry shelf.  I already had the cereal and snacks in my favorite OXO pop-top containers so I added them to fill out the shelf and make it have a more streamlined appearance.  I got this done and then the containers sat like this for a week – with post-it labels. #momlife #workingmom #whoneedstosleep

Stay tuned for Part III – we are getting closer to the big reveal!

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