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The Pantry – Part I


This should have been titled “The Ugly” because that’s what it is…but not for long.  As we were looking at houses, one of the must-haves for me was a pantry.  Our last house didn’t have one and also didn’t have a ton of storage in the kitchen so I ended up storing quite a bit of kitchen stuff/extra food/etc. in the basement.  I even had wedding gifts still in their boxes because there wasn’t anywhere to put them in the kitchen.  I did get my work out going up and down the stairs to fetch stuff.

Our new house has both a pantry and more cabinetry so I have been slowly getting things situated.  When we moved in, my mom did a lot of the unpacking and arranging in the kitchen for me due to the size of my pregnant belly (and her love for me).  My goal with moving in was just to get moved without going into labor!  I knew I could take my time and figure out where I wanted things after we had been in the house and “living” in it.

I’ve spent my fair amount of time drooling over Pinterest pantries and decided it was time to whip my own into shape.  Funny enough, I have pictures to share of various states of the pantry since we moved in in March.  I’ll be back with a second pantry post with the grand reveal and update.

So, let’s get this pantry (haha) started!


Our pantry is to the left of the fridge and a decent size.


Here she is on move-in day!  All bright white and empty, just waiting to be filled.  I’m actually not a fan at all of wire shelving.  Later on down the road I may redo these with either adjustable shelves from The Container Store Elfa line or change them out for wood ones.  But, these are fine for now.




One of the things I did go ahead and do when we moved in was to install this over the door system from The Container Store.  It’s a breeze to install and I actually have them on Carter’s closet doors too.  I like that there’s a variety of baskets and attachments that you can purchase to really customize your space.  Now, let’s talk about the chaos that lives inside!  These pictures are from June – when I had a newborn.   There is some order and a few organizational items here and there but by no means is it how I imagine my dream pantry to look.  This is me sharing the ugly with you.  Keepin’ it real!




One of my biggest pet peeves with the pantry was that I had so much on the floor.  I wasn’t properly utilizing the deep shelves and I had a lot that could be condensed and thrown away living on the floor.  I had my work cut out for me.



How cute is this little nook?  Kudos to the previous homeowners who utilized every inch of the pantry and added this little wire shelf.  Note the backlog of wine.. breastfeeding mama = no wine for me!



This basket on the door became my coupon catch all – mainly to have one central place to stick them and get them off the kitchen counter.


And then… I decided enough was enough.  I headed to Michaels to investigate basket options.  Everything can be fixed with a basket, right?  These caught my eye for several reasons – the handles, they’re sturdy and they’re deep.  I also liked the varying sizes and the navy blue color.




The baskets fit perfectly on the shelves – right depth and width.  Then I turned my attention to grouping like items together and what made sense to gather in the baskets.  I store the majority of my paper plates and napkins with the seasonal decorations but I have some that can be used year round.  Those items, everyday paper napkins and the red bowls we use for parties are stored in this basket.


The next basket holds lunch boxes and k-cups.



To get more organization within the basket, I used extra clear containers to separate the different k-cups.

I have other baskets for:

  • Pasta/sauces
  • Pancakes (mixes/syrups)
  • Crackers
  • Chips
  • Unopened chips
  • Snacks

So that’s where I left things in June.  My plan was to label the bins and be done with it.  Then, I used the pantry for 6 months and decided it could be better/more efficient.  I’ll be back soon to share the “better”.

Thanks for stopping by!


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