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Baby Food Prep & Storage

It’s hard to believe Carter is old enough to warrant this post.  We started giving him food after we came back from the Bahamas – he was right at 6.5 months.  We waited until we got back for several reasons – 1) we knew we wanted him to be at least 6 months old before introducing anything other than milk; 2)we knew we were going out of the country and didn’t want to worry with allergies and availability of baby friendly goods; 3)boy loves his milk so waiting wasn’t an issue.  I did quite a bit of research on baby food and storing so I was prepared when the time came.

One of things we decided early on was that we wanted to make our own baby food using organic produce, when possible.  Carter’s first food was butternut squash and he loved it – it’s still one of his favorite foods.  Making his food really couldn’t be easier and it’s not only simple but much cheaper than purchasing jars or pouches.  I also enjoy cooking so steaming, baking or boiling veggies and fruit is just part of the mom process for me.

I already had blender so we didn’t need to purchase anything for that.  I have played around with different kitchen items and have found that the Cuisinart blender works the best for us.  We have this one and it’s simple to use and cleans up effortlessly.

Here’s what works for us in terms of preparing and storing baby food:


I steam/bake/boil whatever the produce is – this happened to be broccoli.  I add all of it to the blender when it’s soft and steaming hot.  When he was just starting to eat food, I added either breast milk or water to make it more runny – now I blend it first and see what the consistency is.  If I need it to be not as thick, I still add some breast milk or water and keep blending to get to the desired consistency.


I did quite a bit of research on the best way to freeze extra food.  I felt that the OXO products had the best reviews and aligned with what I was looking for.  I have two of the OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Trays and the little cubes hold 3/4 of an ounce each.  The frozen cubes pop out so easy.



A lessor I learned along the way – label each cube!  You think you’ll remember what is in each cube at the time but once you add 3-4 different veggies, they all start looking the same!  It also makes it easier for someone else that’s feeding baby to know what is what.


The other OXO baby food storage container I purchased were these little individual containers.  The small cubes hold 2 ounces and the bigger ones 4.  This is the OXO Tot 12 Piece Baby Blocks Set.  Between the two, this is probably my favorite.  That being said, each worked well for different time periods.  When Carter was just starting to try foods, the 3/4 ounce cubes were nice to just heat up 1-2 for him.  Now that he’s eating more, the blocks are the perfect amount.  Some times he eats the 4 ounces in one setting and others, he eats it for 2 meals.



The blocks come with a tray to contain all the blocks which makes storing them in the freezer nice and neat.



Here’s a side by side comparison of the two block sizes.





It makes me smile to open the freezer and see little man’s food all nice and neat and ready to be eaten!


Carter’s first meal!

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