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How I Organize & Store Christmas Decorations


Well, Christmas is here and gone!  I was chomping at the bit to get my house undecorated and cleaned up so that the organizing could begin.  Packing up decorations from any season can be overwhelming but Christmas especially just due to the volume of goodies!  Over the years I have accumulated my fair share of decorations and add a few new ones each year.  Last year, a very pregnant me, decided to make labels for the boxes as I packed them so that in future years it wouldn’t be so overwhelming to try and get things back in the boxes.  It made packing things back up this year a breeze!  I probably cut the packing time in half, literally.  Here’s some tips that worked for me:


Label, label, label!  I bought these clear stick on labels from Amazon and they are by Avery.  I can easily change the slip of paper if I need to update the contents of the box (which I did a little this year).  I saved the word document on my computer so I can keep a consistent font/size for the labels.  When it was all one theme in a box, like my WVU tree, I kept the label simple.


For boxes that held a variety of items, I tried to get more specific.


I had an ah-ha moment as I was packing up my kitchen decor – I had an empty cabinet just going to waste over the fridge.  Seemed like the perfect place for Christmas kitchen items, and it freed up a bin.



Voila!  I am in LOVE with this cabinet now!  I had a few extra clear bins that I was able to re-use to corral like items – kids plastic plates are in on, paper plates/napkins in another, etc.  This was the perfect use for a cabinet that’s sat empty for months.


Because I feared I wouldn’t remember where I stored the kitchen items in 10 months, I stuck the label from the empty kitchen bin onto the front of another with a simple reminder on where to look.


One of the last things I had to pack up – kitchen China.  I have really tall cabinets in the kitchen and can’t easily reach above the second shelf so I store items on the top two shelves.  During Christmas, this is what the shelf and drawer looked like – Christmas China on the bottom and my everyday Fiesta up top.



Here’s how it looks now after packing away the China in my china savers.  For me, it works to store the items near where I will be using them, when space allows.


Last year, I also made the switch to ornament boxes for those ornaments that do not have boxes of their own.  Previously, I wrapped each in tissue paper and then stored in a box in my large ornament bin.  This was incredibly time consuming and I had to unwrap each ornament to see what it was – I often don’t use the same ornaments every year.  Switching to the ornament box has saved a tremendous amount of time.  I used some shredded paper to keep the ornaments secure in their individual compartments.


An item I swear by are the Zip-loc vacuum seal bags for storing pillows, tree skirts, stuffed animals, etc.  This bag was at least 2.5 times this size before I sucked out all the air.  I have stored these items like this for years and each season they fluff right back up!  Huge space saver.

One last tip to leave you with, I mentioned I ended up with an empty bin – I re-labeled it – New Decorations – and will use it to corral the various Christmas items I tend to pick up all year – mostly ornaments from our travels.

Hope this provided you with some ideas for storing your own decorations.

Thanks for stopping by!


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