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How I Organize & Store Baby Clothes

What is it about a new year that makes you (me, anyway) want to rip everything out of the closets and organize until the sun comes up? Actually, I feel that way most days it’s having the time to do said organizing that’s the issue.  We’ve almost been in our new house for a year (how is that possible!?) and while most areas are together there is room for improvement.  One of my goals for the year is to get processes in place that work for us and are effortless to maintain.

A process that is working for me and has been for 8 months now is the daunting task of organizing and storing outgrown baby clothes.  Anyone else cringe the second you realize ANOTHER something is too small?!  Carter got a good amount of wear (relatively speaking) out of his newborn, 0-3 month and 3 months clothes and then breezed by most of the 6 months clothing right into 9 months.  Now when I see the newborn outfits I feel a punch to the stomach that that phase is already here and gone.  The clothes are just so tiny!

I know I don’t want to get rid of any clothes – except for the items that looked uncomfortable on or were a nightmare to get on/off due to how they were made, which there’s maybe been a handful of things- in hopes that we will have a sibling or two.  So, I turned to my all time favorite storage solution – tubs.  When we were gearing up for the move, I had purchased several clear 66-quart Sterlite tubs at Wal-Mart to store toys and baby clothes and I re-purposed them for storing the clothes he’s outgrown.  I’ve also added a few more along the way and like that they’re all in the same, clear containers.  Having the same ones makes it not only look nicer but stack easier as well.  I keep the outgrown clothes tubs in the attic and they’re easily accessible when I need to add (feels like everyday) to a bin.



I was storing clothes that he hasn’t grown in to yet in the tubs but that wasn’t working for me – organization is all about finding a system that works for you.  I’m a very visual person so having the clothes stored and out of sight caused me to buy sizes that we didn’t need.  Instead, I hung up everything in his closet, by size and type.  When I say I hung everything, I literally hung everything – swimming clothes, pajamas, robes, everything.  When I designed Carter’s closet, I designed it knowing I prefer to hang as much as possible so I allowed for extra hanging in the closet design.

The clothes he hasn’t grown into yet – 18 months to 2T.


As for the clothes Carter is currently wearing, his day-to-day clothes share a closet with my husband off our master bathroom.  We dress him in our room each morning so it only made sense that his clothes be nearby as well.  I keep his pajamas upstairs in his room since we get him ready for bed up there.

Everything he’s currently wearing or soon will be – we still have some 6 month items and then the rest are 9 and 12 months.


Pajamas hanging in Carter’s closet for easy access at night.


So, to recap – outgrown clothes are stored in tubs by size in the attic; clothes to grow in are hanging in Carter’s closet by size and type and everyday clothes are hanging in a closet where we dress him each day.

Hope this gave you some ideas for your storage needs, visit again soon for more storage/organization tips!

4 thoughts on “How I Organize & Store Baby Clothes

  1. Great idea to keep clothes in your bedroom instead of having to make needless trips to his room. Once I had Ava I knew I needed to free up some space so what works best for me is to choose one or two “special” or more meaningful outfits to save for each month milestone. For example, two newborn outfits, one 0-3 months, one 3-6 months and so on.

    I love the tubs! I use them too, but you are the queen of organization hands down lol


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