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O’ Christmas Trees

Happy New Year!  Here we are in 2017.  I remember when it turned to 2016 and it was the year of baby!  I can’t imagine life before our little guy and wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are back home from our travels and have celebrated Christmas in three states!  We are all worn out and glad to be back to normal.  Now it’s time to get down the decorations and put away the new toys.  I wanted to share a quick look at our three decorated trees in our new home.  I so enjoyed the trees this year and will be sad to see them come down.


Our main family tree lives in the keeping/family room.  It’s full of ornaments that represent our hobbies, animals, family and travels.  Each ornament holds a special memory and I love adding a few new ones each year.  This was the first year I used a revolving tree stand and it’s the best idea ever!  I picked it up on clearance after Christmas 2015 and it was worth the money.  I was starting to run out of room on the tree (without using the hidden back and sides) and having the revolving stand freed up so much more space!  Now I’m on the look out for another one for the WVU tree.


One of my favorite things is seeing all the presents under the tree.  A trick I used this year since we had so many gifts going different places was to use a different color wrapping paper for each destination.  Christmas lights for WV, snowmen for MI and snowflakes for TN.  It made keeping up with which gifts went where a snap.


Sadly, our tree has a section of lights out at the bottom and after a lot of troubleshooting, they’re still out!  This tree has held up through 6 seasons now though!


Our (empty) living room features my beloved WVU tree.  I love how this tree turned out.


It looked so pretty at night all lit up.  This gorgeous pencil tree is from Wal-Mart several years ago.


Hiding out in our breakfast room was Carter’s tree.  I wanted it somewhere we would see and this was the perfect spot.


I added some of my baby ornaments to his new collection and it made up an adorable baby tree.  I wrapped Carter’s present in Santa paper and housed them under his tree.  I smiled every time I saw his tree this season.



Thanks for stopping by!  I wish you and yours a happy, healthy year.  I’ll  be busy here taking down all these trees and the rest of the decorations!  Happy New Year!

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