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Baby/Kid Craft – Not So Scary Pumpkin

Fall decorating is well underway in our household!  I’ve had fun decorating our new house for our first fall and couldn’t wait to do a craft project with my little love.  Adam actually discovered this idea and sent it to me and we put our own spin on it.

I picked up this foam craft pumpkin at Michaels for 70% off.
My husband helped wrangle our wiggly almost 5-month old so I could trace his hands and feet. Then, I just cut them out.
I used straight pins to attach the cut-outs where I wanted them on the pumpkin.
While at Michaels, I was surprised to see this artificial pumpkin carving kit. The tool worked really well but the pumpkin was harder to carve than I was thinking it would be. Good arm workout!
I traced around the cut-outs with a flathead screwdriver to get a faint outline to cut by.
Ta da! The actual size looks slightly larger than Carter’s actual hands and feet but I attribute that to (a) wiggly baby (b) not getting a perfect outline (see comment a) 🙂
Ta-da! LOVE how it turned out! I popped two flicker votives in

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