Have you “Boxed”?

Since we had Carter, I have turned to online shopping (and free shipping offers) for basically everything except perishable food.  I received an offer in the mail to try Boxed and receive a discount and free shipping.  Boxed is like a wholesale store (Sam’s, Costco, etc.) but you don’t have to have a membership, shipping is free over $49 (and fast) and  you get 1% in Cash Rewards on the total price of your order for every purchase.  So, I thought why not try it?

image1 (002)

I placed my order on August 6th and it arrived August 9th!  I was a little leery about how they would package such bulk items but I could not have been more pleased.  The liquid items were even sealed in large zip-lock bags in case of any leaks.


They even included a nice, handwritten postcard which was a nice gesture.

image1 (003)

Here’s what I ordered for my first round from Boxed – plus, I received a bag clip for free.  As I selected items, I did do a quick price comparison on Sam’s website – most items were relatively the same but the discount and free shipping tipped the scale for Boxed.  Also, the sizes seem much larger on Boxed.  If you would like to try it out,  Enter U0HH0 for $10 off your first order.  Happy Shopping!

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