Greeting Card Preservation

let's roll
I will be the first to admit I like to keep mementos – greeting cards, sweet little love notes, ticket stubs – if it’s related to a memory, you can bet I will keep it – especially with the intention to scrapbook it.  A little over a year after our wedding, I still hadn’t done anything with all our beautiful wedding cards.  So, I finally took the time and tackled the  project one weekend.  Here’s how I decided to store/save my cards:

These are mostly the cards from the actual wedding – all of the shower cards, etc. were already sorted out.

I utilized the 12×12 envelope pages from the Project Life collection – LOVE these – and sorted the cards into cards from the actual wedding day guests and cards from gifts that were mailed to us before/after the wedding.  Then I simply popped the envelopes into a 12×12 We R Memory Keepers Classic Leather album.  This kept the cards in a consistent album as all the wedding pictures.
Voila!  The envelope seals nicely and the cards lay so flat in the envelope and are protected from dust, getting folded, etc.  Plus, there’s a pocket on the front if you want to slide a 4×6 card in it to journal/label what’s in the envelope.
Here’s a side shot of my 3 envelopes.  I plan to add some more envelopes to this binder and make it more of the thicker items I want to keep from the wedding (program, for example) so I don’t make the actual picture scrapbooks of the wedding/pre-wedding too thick.
You can see in this view here there’s a smaller size envelope in the front of the larger 12×12 ones – I put the cards Adam and I exchanged before the wedding in here just to keep them separate.

Love the end result!  This has been a great way for me to store cards and thicker/larger items and I can totally see using this for baby cards, etc. in the coming years.

Thanks for stopping by!

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