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Must Haves – On the Go

part i


In my little man’s 15 weeks on Earth, he has been on the move!  I sometimes wonder if he travels so well because I traveled so much while pregnant – over 30 flights!  I have fun magnetic US and World maps in his nursery so we can keep up with his travels.  I feel like I have finally gotten what we need to bring with us down to a science – I try not to over pack and so far, so good!  That being said, you never know when you’re going to blow through all your “spare” outfits and burp cloths!  During our travels, there are some key items that I am so glad we have and wanted to share those with you.

During my maternity leave, after about 4 days, I started strolling with Carter around the neighborhood – I had to build back up my strength due to the c-section – but it quickly became a favorite thing to do.  It gets hot fast here and I was so glad I registered for and received a stroller fan.  The fan has come in handy not just on walks but while waiting in lines (i.e. at The Arch in St. Louis) but also on the plane during take-off and landing.

Speaking of strolling, can I just say, I LOVE our stroller.  I did quite a bit of research via online, momma friends and the Baby Bargains book and landed on the Uppa Baby Vista stroller (and car seat).  The reviews were wonderful for this stroller and I loved that it came with a bassinet.  The bassinet has been wonderful for travel – we just pop him in it all swaddled when it’s time for bed and he goes straight to sleep.  It has a wonderful cushioned lining and it’s removable for washing if need be.  The bassinet also has a sun shade which we use almost every time we are outdoors.  At 15 weeks, Carter still has room in the bassinet so we haven’t switched to the traditional style seat it also comes with but we aren’t too far away from needing it.  Plus, he’s wanting to be more upright so that seat will accomplish that goal of his.  The stroller folds “up” so you don’t have to fold it onto the ground.  The frame is easy enough for me to get in/out of the car by myself and it rolls so smoothly.  I always get compliments on our stroller as well – it’s a good looking stroller!  My only complaint is that for the price, and yes, it’s pricey, you shouldn’t have to pay extra to get a cup holder and tray.  You can stand up a bottle in the storage underneath but that’s not very convenient.  Speaking of storage, you can get a lot under the seat so that’s another plus.  It also has a ton of configurations so as baby or our family grows, the stroller can evolve with us.


Let me introduce you to Snap-N-Go, my new best friend.  Talk about life changing!  For the first 8 weeks of Carter’s life I can literally count the number of times I left the house with him by myself for the sole fact that the car seat was just too hard for me to manage. #shortgirlproblems #noupperbodystrength

I received the Snap-N-Go as a baby gift and around 12 weeks (hello! what was I thinking!) I pulled it out of the box and baby and I went to the mall!  I really was just looking for any excuse to try it out.  This frame glides like butter on a hot pan!  There’s no holding me back from running errands with him now.  You literally just pop the car seat into the frame and secure it with the straps.  The frame is great for stores with not a lot of area to move around and for restaurants.  LOVE this!  You do have to make sure you get the one that fits your car seat – they don’t all work for every car seat.

Tula Baby Carrier - Baby - Navigator

Another on-the-go item we have really enjoyed is our carrier.  I do feel like a carrier is something that you have to try on and see if you like the way it feels/wears.  Lucky for me, my sister-in-laws and I went (with a real baby) to a specialty store in Michigan where you can try on probably 20 different brands of carriers.  My sisters-in-law showed me the ropes and I quickly decided on the Tula.  It was so easy to put on and extremely comfortable.  But, what sealed the deal, was the adorable airplane pattern that matches Carter’s towels and washcloths!  Adam takes Carter for a long walk in the carrier most mornings.  Only negative with the Tula carrier is that you need to purchase the infant insert which is another $40 in order to use it for the first 3-4 months.

Well, I think that does it for my travel must-haves for the 0-3 month period anyway.  I’ll be back with my diaper bag and what’s in it soon.  Thanks for stopping by!



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