Welcome to Categorized and Organized!


Welcome to my little piece of the Internet.  I’m Ashley!  I am a long time follower of many home/lifestyle/craft blogs.  I actually started another blog years ago and wasn’t that good with keeping up with it but always had it in the back of my mind.  It never grew into what I had planned for it.  I am a lifelong documenter through journals and scrapbooks and a blog only feels natural to me – the only difference is putting yourself out there for everyone to see.

I wear several full time hats – one of them pretty new!  My husband, Adam, and I welcomed our first child, a sweet baby boy, just a few short months ago.  Being a mom has me feeling love on a level I didn’t even know possible.  When I look at my sweet baby I feel that my heart will explode.  My other full time hat —  a Human Resources professional with a chemical company I started working with right out of graduate school 8 years ago.

I know there are millions of blogs out there but I find something unique and interesting about most of the ones I stumble across, so hopefully you will find that here too.  For me, reading blogs is my escape from whatever is going on – I love seeing others beautiful spaces and places and have found many products I love and use daily based on bloggers opinions and reviews.

I plan to post about all my favorite topics including:  home organizing projects, tips and ideas; crafts (scrapbook layouts, cards, wreaths, etc.); recipes; travels; product reviews and favorite items.

Thanks for stopping by, come back often!

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